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The Witheridge Historical Archive is now part of the Devon Online Parish Clerks and One-Place Studies Scheme and we will be glad to assist any enquiries submitted through the Contact link on the Witheridge Index Page. You are also invited to read about the OPC Project.

The term OPC as used here, refers to a repositor of genealogically related materials such as (but not limited to) Church register transcripts, land tax assessments and census information, and the OPC should in no way be confused with the Parish Council appointed Parish Clerks. All OPCs are unpaid volunteers who are willing to assist others in their genealogical research.

Whilst our small local history group does not have any specific genealogy expert, we have always been more than happy to help with local searches were possible. Over the years we have gathered quite a collection of information relating to local families, and it is our intention to make these available on line as soon as time permits.

Peter and Freda Tout, along with John Usmar have spent much time over the years on genealogy, and we have a wealth of local knowledge at our disposal. Peter, born in Burnley, came to live in Witheridge in 1949, and as well as his grandfather coming from Devon, previous generations of Touts were rooted in North and Mid Devon. His Great Grandmother in fact was born in Witheridge, whilst Freda has traced her local Selley family back to the 1640s in Molland. John came here in 1952, and has no family connections here. His role over the years has been to respond to queries as they came in.

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These are some of the local names for which we have previously received requests for assistance in tracing information, and for which we have records.


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