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Witheridge 1889

Mitchel Thomas - Assistant Overseer
James Brawn - Baker
Mrs Selina Whitfield - Baker
John Cording Baker - Blacksmith
Japh Denner - Blacksmith
William Dinner - Blacksmith
John Clotworthy - Builder
Charles Parish - Builder
Hugh Maunder - Butcher
George Selley - Butcher
John Way - Carpenter
James Way - Carpenter
Mark Thomas - Carrier
John Tidball - Carrier
Edward Elworthy - Chemist
John Addicott - Dairyman
George Cruwys - Dairyman
Charles Frost - Dairyman
John Greenslade - Dairyman
John Melhuish - Dairyman - Fare Down
Comins and Co - Draper
Miss Jane Adams - Dress Maker
Miss Harriett Baker - Dress Maker
Miss Ann Burnett - Dress Maker
Miss Lydia Cole - Dress Maker
Miss Mary Palfreman - Dress Maker
Mrs Mary Way - Dress Maker
Comins and Co - Grocer
George Hy Pullen - Grocer
Joseph Tucker - Grocer
Jas Baker - Angel Inn - victualler, posting, commercial and family
Ephraim Clarke - Black Dog Inn
Frank Farrow - Commercial Inn
Charles Gunn - Hare and Hounds
Misses Mary and Catherine Bright - Teachers - Ladies School
Jas Baker - Angel Hotel - Manure Agent
Amos Maire - Witheridge Mill - Miller
Thomas Nott - Miller
George Hy Pullen - Post Office
Mrs Ellen Gunn - Private School - Mill Park
Joseph Churchill - Saddler and Seed Dealer
William Parish - Stone Mason
George Bussell - Adworthy - Shoemaker
James Bennett - Shoemaker
William Partridge - Shoemaker
William Henry Tucker - Shoemaker
Mrs Mary Adams - Shopkeeper
Henry Baker - Shopkeeper
James Greenslade - Shopkeeper
Henry Hodge - Shopkeeper
Amos Maire - Shopkeeper
William Theodore Watkins - Colleton Hill Town - Solicitor
Edward Elworthy - Surgeon
Francis Edward Haydon M B - Surgeon
David Johnston - Surgeon
William Comner - Tailor
Edward Hewish - Tailor
William Holcombe - Tailor
Joseph Tucker - Tailor
Mrs Ann Pickard - Tailoress
John Crooke - Thatcher
Edward Elworthy - Vet
Edmund Bulled - Wheelwright
Japh Denner - Wheelwright
Henry Trapp Trawin - Wool Dealer

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