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The Lay Subsidies represent a tax on moveable goods, and the lists can be used to calculate the population. They show returns of taxes raised at irregular intervals on entire populations of villages and towns by the reining monarch when in special need of revenue. Only the very poor were exempted from this tax.

1524-1546 Lay Subsidy Rolls Medieval tax on moveable goods revived by Henry VIII. Lists used to calculate population. 

The Rev Castlehow unearthed these lists. They are included here because after over 400 years a number of the names are continuing today, either as family names (Wall, Stevens, Thorne, Oxenham, Vicary, Crooke, Southwood, Partridge), or as house or farm names (Grendon, Thorne, Ford, Mill, Cobley, Lashbrook). A neighbour parish appears in Agneta Thelbrygge (Thelbridge), although there are no Witheridge's. It is strange that in spite of all the efforts of the worldwide Witheridge Family History Society, they have never been able to place any in the place itself, although there is a Witheridge family in the South West today.

1543 Lay Subsidy Roll. 33 and 34 Hen VIII from Photostat

Leonard S
Thomas Melhuyshe
William Tanner
John Upcott
Andrew Gybyns
John Dodderyg
Robert Uppynton
Thomas Nycoll
Richard Wall
Walter Towke
John Grendn
Richard Stevyns
John Ware
Hugh Melhuyse
George C
Richard Thorn
Richard Wear
Richard Ford
Roger Chastey
John Lot
John Downe
Thomas Thorne
Marye Gover
Richard Tanner
John Hoyge
John Glasse
Ralph Po
Richard Thomas
John Bremelcomb
Willymot Orchard
Laurence Vikery
Julian Adams
Robert Smalrygge
Walter Crugge
Thomas Radford
Agneta Thelbrygge
George Condy
Martin Condy
Thomasine Condy
Agneta Condy
William, H Ren
John C
William Oxenham
Thomas Drab
Thomas Myll
John Pateryg
John Callanie
John Smyth
John Hoyge
William Vikery?
Philip Coddyston
Robert Down
Mathew Bremelcomb
John Upcott
Thomasina Crown
John Herton
John Cro
Richard Cro
John yerd
William Hoyge
John Pare
John Downe de
Hugh Downe
Thomas Tanner

Lay Subsidy Roll Temp VIII
John Mersh pro bonus suis
Thomas Melhuish do 12 6
Thomas Tanner do 10 0
William Tanner do 10 0
Walter Tawte ? do 10 0
John Dodderidge do 10 0
Thomas Rockes ? 10 0
Richard Wall 10 0
John Upcott 10 0

1591 Lay Subsidy Roll 34 Eliz E179 101/411 Terrarum Tax

Thomas Melhuish gen £12 16s
Wm Walle 40s 2/8
Jn Crooke £3 4
Chris Southwood 20s 16d
Leonard Holle 40s
Jn Crudge 20s
Jn Chilladon 20s
Jn Cade 20s
George Tanner 20s
Thos Notte 20s
Jas Stofforde ? £3
Leonard Patridge £3
Laurence Zelleman 20s
John Vicary 40s
John Cobley 40s
Wm Cokerham 20s
Jn Trixie 20s
Hugo Thomas 40s
John Hopper 20s
Rich Partridge 40s
Thos Nott
Wm Frost
Alexander Marrish (Norrish) ?
D Uppington

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