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Richard Adams - Hare and Hounds - Innkeeper
John Anstey- Carpenter
Samuel Anstey - Boot and Shoe Maker
Babb and Drake - Milliner
John Baker - Blacksmiths
Thomas Beck - Tailor
Henry Bennett - Shopkeeper
Jas Blackmore - Boot and Shoe Maker
Edward Bodley - Wheelwright
James Brawn - Bakers
John Brawn- Carpenter
Edmund Bulled - Wheelwright
Henry Burgess - Bakers
William Burgess - High Constable
Samuel Burrows - Surgeon and Doctor
Joseph Church - Harness Maker
Joseph Churchill - Saddler Maker - Premises formerly the Bell Inn, The Square, Witheridge
John Cockram- Carpenter
Wm Cockram- Carpenter
William Cole - Pilliven - Manure Agent
Wm Comner - Tailor
Comins & Co - Grocer and Woollen Draper
Andrew Comins - Auctioneer
Mary Comins - Grocer and Draper
William Comins - Solicitor, Clerk to Magistrates, Master Ex in Chancery
William Crook - Thatcher
Wm Crook - Boot and Shoe Maker
Hy Davey - Glazier and Timber Merchant
James Dinner - Builder
John Dinner - Blacksmiths
Joseph Dinner - Wheelwright
William Dinner - Blacksmiths
Rev J R Dix - Independent Minister
Robert Edward Downing - Clock and Watch Maker
Wm Easterbrook - Butcher
Edward Elworthy - Chemist and Druggist
Edward Elworthy- Farrier
James Ford - Road Contractor
James Ford - Seedsman
Wm Ford - Cooper
Hugh Foxford - Tailor
John Gardner - Tailor
George Greenslade - Blacksmiths - Nomansland
John Greenslade - Blacksmiths - Drayford
John Greenslade - Boot and Shoe Makers
William Gunn - Innkeeper and Provisions Dealer - Black Dog Inn
Philip Furneaux Haley - Bradford Mill - Miller
Edward Hewish - Tailor
Henry Hodge - Marine Store Dealer
William Holcombe - Tailor
Robert Hooper - Mason
George Lee - Carrier
William Lee - Dairyman - Ditchett House
Ernest George Thomas Llewellyn - Surgeon and Doctor
Wm Manning - Boot and Shoe Maker
John Mansfield - Parish Clerk - National School
Mrs Ann Mansfield - Schoolmistress - National School
John Mansfield - Parish Clerk
Walter John May - Cattle Dealer - Marchwick
John Middleton - Butcher
Thomas Smale Mitchell - Builder - (and assistant overseer)
Richard Mitchell- Carpenter
Wm Moss- Carpenter
Joseph Nichols
William Parish - Commercial Inn - Innkeeper
William Parish - Commercial Inn - Mason
John Parson - Mason
Alfred Pennington - Angel Inn - victualler, posting, commercial and family
Mrs Anne Phillips - Drayford Mill - Miller
Robert Phillips- Carpenter
Henry Pullen - Insurance Agent for Norwich Union
Henry Pullen - Draper
Henry Pullen - Druggist
Henry Pullen - Grocer
Henry Pullen - Stamp Distributor
William Rogers - Teacher - British School
John Selley - Builder
John Selley - Mason
William Selley - Butchers
William Selley - Cattle Dealer
John Sowdon - Tailor
Ann Churchill Straw - Hat Maker
Wm Symons - Independent Schoolmaster
Wm Tapp- Carpenter
Mark Thomas - Carrier
William Thorne - Organist
John Tidball - Carrier
Henry Tapp Trawin - Woolstapler
Henry Tapp Trawin - Seedsman
Henry Tapp Trawin - Coal Merchant
Henry Tapp Trawin - Lime Merchant
Henry Tapp Trawin - Manure Agent
Joseph Tucker - Grocer
Joseph Tucker - Shopkeeper
Joseph Tucker - Tailor
John Turner - Machine Maker
James Vaughan - Mason
Edward Snow Veysey - Butcher
Samuel Wellington - Resident Sergeant - Police Station
Thomas Western - Builder
George Wreford - Butcher
Thomas Western- Carpenter
Thos Western - Mason
Misses Western - Milliner
James Way - Boot and Shoe Maker

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