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We would like to extend our thanks to all Award Program owners and their evaluating team who have so freely given of their time to evaluate this site, and for the honour they do us in presenting us with their Award. We are proud to display all of the awards won by this site in a fitting manner, and, where supplied, proudly display the Laudation.

To view the Award graphic, and Laudation please click on the Awarding Program. The Award graphic will be displayed in a new window.

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Date Awarding Program Award Type
09/01/2005 BV.Lindenheuvel Gold Award (Rated WTA)
28/10/2005 B.T. Design Best Site (Rated WTA)
26/02/2005 GNAE Gold (Rated WTA)
26/02/2005 GNAE Site of the Month Gold (Rated WTA)
24/01/2005 Casey's Celtic Charm Silver
29/12/2005 DandieStar Top Info (WTA)
12/08/2005 Vie's Inn of Wonders'Awards Gold Award (Rated WTA)
21/08/2005 Tim's Spider Awards Gold Award (Rated WTA)
28/08/2005 Perm Heritage Award Silver Award (Rated WTA)
28/08/2005 Internet Beacon Award Gold Award (Rated WTA)
20/09/2005 Unsers Award Gold Award (Rated WTA)
30/01/2006 * Keepsake Awards Gold Award (Rated WTA)
30/01/2006 Thomas Sims Graves Award Silver Award
21/08/2006 Lynx Gold Award Gold Award (Rated WTA)
21/08/2006 Lynx Site of The Month Gold Award Gold Award (Rated WTA)

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