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I think this is one great historical site being a genealogist. I have been following David in this endeavour for some time and he has put in a tremendous amount of time into putting this historical site " an addition to Witheridge" together for the local historians and library. He is very through in his attention to detail and copyright, etc, etc, I know some of the photo's look bad but that is because he wanted to keep them looking as they are in real life. I know on a personal note the local people are so excited about this project and the way it looks,. It is a testament to David's dedication to his village and their local history for generations to come. For this site I personally think he needs to be commended for all the work and still being aaa Accessible rating, and valid css and xhtml 1.1 the latest in html code by the W3C. I say Gold.

As usual David has been on top of the job and the results are superb as usual. A great way to show the history of this village. I know how much care David has put into making sure that the photos are credited to the owners and that they are put in the right place. A mammoth job, takes me hours to get three pix in chronological order. Well done David.

David has done one heck of a job with this new area! He has given credit for the help from the people that contributed their pictures and information to make this a great site!

The coding is excellent and the information and pictures are terrific. This is a site where anyone not living there could also find enjoyable! I agree 100% with all of you and thumbs up for the Gold! Well done David, now I know where you have been hiding!