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World Top Award

We, the staff of Keepsake Awards, would like to congratulate you on an excellent web site, which our Judges found a pleasure to review.

We are pleased to present you with our first GOLD Award of 2006. Our criterion is very strict and to achieve an award means that your site is a Keepsake for generations to come. The historical facts and information you have provided in Witheridge - The Centuries in Words and Pictures is really amazing. The many hours of research you share on these pages along with the gallery of photo's we keep your readers entranced for hours.

Your award is attached to this letter, together with a copy of our score sheet. This shows your averaged marks based on how our judges scored your evaluation, and it is our hope that this will not only explain how we arrived at our decision, but also help you identify any area's where there is scope for further improvement.

May we finally thank you for applying for our award, and wish you every success in the future.