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To the right Worll Mr Doctor Goche, Chancellor of the Diocess of Exon

Whereas John Bidgood of Witheridge, is summoned to apeere at your Consistory, by reason of a presentment exhibited against him by one Thomas Farrant of Washford, these are to certify your Worshippe that wee whose names are subscribed doe beeleeve that hee is presented rat out of spleene and malice, than of just deserte.

Wherefore wee request your Worshippe (if you please) to dismisse him your Court soe will wee rest your Worshipps to bee commanded.

Witheridge this 3d day of May 1625

Hugh Tollie
John Partridge
John Tollie
Vincent Uppington
John Parkhouse Senr
Thomas Thresher
William Garnesey
Thomas Gator
James Thomas

John Crooke
William Tylor Cler
John Greenslade
Robert. Brooke
Nicholas Thomas
Richarde Burne
George Mortymer
John Haines
Robert Melhuishe

John Morrice
William March
Richard Radford
John Hodge
Hugh Mare
Robert Bond
Richard Chapman
Hugh Stephens and Phillip Hodg,
the last yeer past
John Parkhous Junr and John Sampson,

I Gyles Pyne of Wotheridge doe acknowledge and confesse myselfe to bee faulty in Ancinge the Churchyard of Witheridge in the County of Devon by cartinge of Dungge into it for which I was presented at the last visitation of the Lord Bishopp of Exon the 24th of March 1624.

Christopher Wall
Thomas Typper
John Vicary
Gyles Pyne

Richard Burne, Overseer
Richard Cockeran, Overseer
Edward Phillipps, Overseer
William Parkhouse, Overseer

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