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WI0101 Unknown
WI0102 Mark Thomas and his carriage and brake at Drayford (early 1900s)
WI0103 Mark Thomas
WI0104 LOWMAN GREEN where Witheridge carriers stabled their horses at the Prince Regent
WI0105 The brake is outside High Cross where the Tidballs lived. The driver is Mr. Tom Tidball, his wife is in black behind him. At the horses head is Mr Fred Tidball.
WI0106 Witheridge Transport Co. Arthur Thomas, Walter Tidball, Lambert Thomas and Fred Tidball at Woolacombe Sands in June 1921.
WI0107 Witheridge Transport Co buses in the early 1920s Drivers: Thomases and Tidballs.
WI0108 Witheridge Transport Co buses in the early 1920s. Drivers: Thomases and Tidballs. The solid-tyred charabanc in front was used for outings. Each row of seats had its own door on the far side and it was so high that a ladder was carried for passengers to get in and out. When it rained, the hood at the back was passed forward by each row in turn.
WI0109 Witheridge Transport outing.
WI0110 Witheridge Transport Co. Bus in Bampton Street, Tiverton.
WI0111 Mrs Daisy Maunder, Mr F Maunder, Mr Rogers (Vigilo) Mrs Herbert Partridge, Nora Partridge.
WI0112 The Scout
WI0113 Recognised so far:- 4th left front Evelyn Tidball, Mrs Selley, Lil Price.
WI0114 Jack Leach (top 1st left), Henry Selley (top 2nd left), Beatrice Selley (4th left). Lambert Thomas (sat), Bill Thomas (stood right) Beatty Greenslade (4th left) always sang Little Brown Jug at Harvest Supper. Fred Tidball (driver). Preb J P Benson (Vicar).
WI0115 The Scout
WI0116 1926. Left to Right: Bill Thomas, Millie Churchill, Hetty Baker, Beatrice Pickard.
WI0117 Unidentified
WI0118 Unidentified
WI0119 A Sunday School outing in the late 1920s. Including Min Reed, Cathy Reed, Lil Price and (standing) Rev Castlehow.
WI0120 This was the Carrier. Note the three doors behind the back wheel. The body was made by the Tiverton Motor Co. On narrow windy roads the back used to swing about too much, so the design was modified so that there were only 2 doors behind the back wheels. They carried a ladder for people to get into the back.
WI0121 WITHERIDGE. (Trafalgar Square in the early 1920s). The two Carriers (Thomas's and Tidballs) became the Witheridge Transport Co. in 1921. The bus on the right is a Leyland Scout (bought by Thomas's in 1915). In front is a wicker basket containing the Vicars laundry. To the left of the other bus Mr and Mrs Tucker of Dart Raffe stand in front of their trap which they have driven in with butter to send to Exeter by the bus. The shop on the left is G and P Hill.
WI0122 Unidentified
WI0123 Unidentified
WI0124 Unidentified
WI0125 Back Row: Jim and Beatrice Ford. Front Seat: Mr Burridge, Mr and Mrs W Thomas with Bill driving.
WI0126 Barnstaple Fair in September 1920. The bus is the Dennis.
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WI0127 Unidentified
WI0128 Witheridge Transport Outing
WI0129 Witheridge Transport Co.1920s. This charabanc was built by the Tiverton Motor Co. on a former War Department Dennis chassis. Too much overhang at the back led to it being banned as dangerous. The problem was solved by cutting off the back row of seats.
WI0130 This bus was known as the Karrier.
WI0131 Unidentified
WI0132 1926 Outing
WI0133 Unidentified
WI0134 Unidentified
WI0135 Unidentified
WI0136 Unidentified
WI0137 Unidentified
WI0138 Unidentified
WI0139 Unidentified
WI0140 Unidentified
WI0141 Unidentified
WI0142 Unidentified
WI0143 Bill Thomas and an early taxi.
WI0144 This bus is the Scout, bought by Bill Thomas in the Summer of 1914. On the right is Mrs Partridge.
WI0145 W I Outing. Mrs Darch, Mrs Ward, Mrs Jim Leach, Mrs Leila Bryant.
WI0146 Bullnose Morris Car in yard of Cannington House, West Street (1920s) George Henry Selley on left.
WI0147 Percy Brewer with his Austin Swallow
WI0148 Three Greenslade drivers, Olwen Sowden, Jack Pullman, Arthur Bryant. The coach was a 29-seater body by Tiverton Coachbuilders on a Bedford chassis. 1950s.
WI0149 Bill Rice on his O K Supreme. 1930s.
WI0150 1940s. Fred Gibbs on pillion of Royal Enfield motorbike.

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