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WI0151 Alan Vernon and George Reed at a rally in Taunton in the 1950s.
WI0152 Steamroller outside the Vicarage gate.
WI0153 George Reed on Steamroller. Bert Chapple on broom (right).
WI0154 Devon General Bus in the Square 1969.
WI0155 It is the Summer of 1941 and Mr Bob Woollacott is cutting hay in the field known as Higher Summerlea (R?)s on West Yeo. He has one of the first tractors in the parish, a Ford on spade lugs, and the first Massey Harris six-foot reciprocating knife mower.
WI0156 Mr Ralph Tarr on his Fordson Tractor TA 395 in the 1960s.
WI0157 1915. Dairy Class. Included here are Vera Selley, Phyllis Andrews, Miss Bray, Elsie and Emmie Pugsley, Constance Selley.
WI0158 C1916 Dairy Class. Included here are W H Rogers (Vigilo), Constance Selley, Mrs Rogers.
WI0159 This 1931 Dairy School group includes Miss L Stoneman, Miss C Selley, Miss O Hill, Miss R Selley, Miss E Ayre, Miss S Selley, Miss E Cox, Miss C Blackford and Miss C Burridge.
WI0160 Mr A Beer Carnival 1933.
WI0161 Lower Park. Mr E Partridges family.
WI0162 Mr Isaac Rowcliffe is standing on his cart, leaning on his stick, with a group of visitors, and his son, Mr Price Rowcliffe is at the horses head. Mr Rowcliffe farmed at North Grendon, just over the parish boundary in Rose Ash, and then came to live at Penford in the early 1900s.
WI0163 Mr Bill Gold, Wheelwright. Left to Right: Bill Gold, Victor Stenner, Jack Bristow. 1920s.
WI0164 South Molton Sheep Fair 1947. With farmers left to right: Mr Jack Crang (Wonham), Mr Bill Rolle (Mariansleigh), Mr C Reed, Mr B Reed (Senior), Mr V Reed. On cart, left to right: Mr Gilbard (Hele Barton), Mr P Bagnald, (Auctioneers clerk), Mr T Elworthy (Auctioneer of Cockram Dodds and Stagg).
WI0165 The Three Horse Binder is at work at Coombe in 1930.
WI0166 Harvesting at Coombe in 1934.
WI0167 1950s. Threshing at South Coombe. (Jack Luxton).
WI0168 Harvesting. (Unidentified).
WI0169 Reed combing at Leat Farm 1950s.From left: George Blackford, Henry Blackford.
WI0170 Bert, Christine, Fred and George Blackford with Winston Chapple.
WI0171 Hay Sweep at Leat Farm. From left: Bert Blackford, Winston Chapple, George Blackford, Bill Snow.
WI0172 Sheep shearing class in June 1908 in Mr Selley's yard. Instructor is Mr Manley.
WI0173 Two Horse Hay Sweep is at work in the 1920s at Dart Raffe, Charlie Middleton on the Rick. Ned Partridge is in control of the sweep.
WI0174 1940s. From left: James, John and Robert Woollacott
WI0175 1950s Ploughing Match at Pulfordsware, Puddington. Jack Luxton, Toz Gibson, Herbie Gibbs.
WI0176 Early 1950s. Judging Mangolds at Ploughing Match. S Hayes, J Woollacott, J Adams, Stephen Selley, Toz Gibson, Harold Winter, S Thorne.
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WI0177 1950s Ploughing Match at Essebeare. Jack Luxton on Ralf Tarr's Standard Fordson.
WI0178 Archie Beer at a ploughing match.
WI0179 Ladies Committee of Witheridge and District Ploughing Match Association. Left to right; Mesdames Rodd, Mills, Woollacott, Rowcliffe, Selley, Adams, Selley.
WI0180 Witheridge and District Ploughing Match 1946. Special class for Allis Chalmers sponsored by John Flew of Broad Clyst. Second from the left M Deensham on EUO 240 model U. Extreme right owned by H Knapman DUO 98 model U. On the left is a Model WF.
WI0181 Mr A Beer is shown here competing in a ploughing match, one of the annual matches organized by the Witheridge and District Ploughing Association whose history goes back as far as the 1820s. In 2003, the matches are still held each year. Mr Beer started competitive ploughing at the age of seventeen, and did not miss a match for over thirty years.
WI0182 The group behind the flatpolls is, from left: Ralph Tarr, Jim Woollacott, a judge, a judge, J Mills, T Blackford, W Pugsley.
WI0183 Young Farmers Club visit to Avonmouth.
WI0184 Mr Huckle, Cyril Blackford in front of the Victorian chicken house at Bradford Barton.
WI0185 Cyril Blackford working the cider press at Bradford Barton.
WI0186 Devons returning to West Yeo.2000.
WI0187 Cattle graze beside the old footbridge over the stream known as Hole Water just before it joins the Little Dart by Yeo Woods.
WI0188 The packhorse bridge at Drayford is marked on Donnes Map of 1765, but dates from long before that. It carried the Great Road to Exeter from South Molton in those days. In 1811, a special rate was levied on properties for the repair of Drayford and Worlington Bridges. It was so narrow that, as the photo shows, carts had to use the ford.
WI0189 Floods at Drayford Bridge. 1909.
WI0190 Floods at Drayford Bridge. 1909.
WI0191 Floods at Drayford Bridge. 1909.The 1909 floods seem to have been the most serious, for the footbridge over the Adworthy Brook has nearly disappeared.
WI0192 Old Drayford Bridge.
WI0193 Part of Trixes Cottages. The cottage on the left was of Cruck construction and dated probably well before the Trix family who were there in the 1630s.
WI0194 Clockmakers House, Drayford.
WI0195 1920. Stone crushing plant at Coombe Quarry, Newbridge.
WI0196 The photo shows one of Notts earliest steam lorries, a 5 ton non tipping Foden named Pride o the Hill. The star on the chimney is one of the drivers personal touches. The buffers on either side of the smoke box show it had been used previously for shunting railway trucks.
WI0197 Foden 6-tonner Queen Mary. Frank Gibbs by the door, Tom Kingdom at the front.
WI0198 Foden Northern Star. Taken at Coombe Quarry. Driver: Bert Chapple. Assistant: Fred Davey.
WI0199 Old Drayford Bridge and Ford.
WI0200 Before the new bridge was built at Drayford, the Adworthy Brook crossed the road before joining the Little Dart river. Stuckeys can be seen on the left, Godswells in the distance, and Hillside on the right.
WI0200a Before the new bridge was built at Drayford, the Adworthy Brook crossed the road before joining the Little Dart river. Stuckeys can be seen on the left, Godswells in the distance, and Hillside on the right.

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