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WI0051 Witheridge National School now Mole Valley
WI0052 National School. Can anyone identify the pupils and the date?
WI0054 Augustus Andrews was headmaster of the National school from 1894 to 1930
WI0055 National school 1917
WI0056 National School 1918 Alwyn Sowden with Fred Holloway, Frank Kingdon, Millie Beer
WI0057 National School 1918
WI0058 National School 1920s
WI0059 National 1920s
WI0060 National school 1925 includes Stanley Ford, Edna Gold, Gilbert Nott, Archie Beer, Maurice Greenslade
WI0061 National School 1927. Back row L to R: Bob Southcott, Tom Bucknell, Reg Drew (or Jack?), Archie Nott, Gilbert Pincombe, Sid Gibbs, Archie Beer, Charlie Gard. Middle Row L to R: Moise, Lily Down?, Joyce Gunn?, Belle Mills, Millie Beer, Doris Ford, Stella Baker, Clare Reed. Front row 1 to r: Fred Ashelford, Wilf Down, Reg Cole, Wilf Mills, Muriel Priddis, Eva Westcott, Chic Voisey, Lionel Gunn, Ern Pyne.
WI0062 National School 1929. L to R; Phyllis Hill, Betty Nott, Kathleen Lamprey, Rita Selley, Marjorie Ayre, Loveday Stoneman, Nora Holmes, Betty Manley, ?. From left 2nd row; Arthur Ayre, Sylvia Leach, Evelyn Criddle, Doreen Tanner, Vera Manley, Hazel Fewings, Jose Baker, Rosalind Hartnell, Dora Bourne, Arthur Stenner. Frome left 3rd row; Cecil Reed, Ben Wright Rowcliffe, Bill Woolacott, Cyril Windsor, Eric Selley, Reginald Bucknell, Herbert Bucknell, Stafford Hartnell. From left; 4th row; Percy Middleton? Kingdom, Cedric Chapple, Kenneth Criddle, Alan Vernon, Geoffrey Hill. From left 5ht row; Reginald Windsor, Stanley Selley? Holmes, Henry Beer, Philip Dunn, Bill Blackford.
WI0063 Headmaster Charles Luxton. 1931-1933 Back row L to R; Gladys Windsor, Phyllis Lamprey, Maurice Redwood, Betty Warsop, Edna Gold, Nora Chapple, Phyllis Chapple. Standing; ? Lamprey, Mary Adams, Douglas Kingdom, Bob Phillips, Ron Welsh, Edgar Boundy, Ray Grant, Percy Chapple, Margie Ayre, Gordon Reed, Derek Nott, Gwen Hopper. Kneeling; Geoffrey Hill, Kathie Reed, Lily Down, Marge Southcott, Sylvia Nott, Doris Beer, Christine Stickland, Eileen Partridge. Sitting; Roy Cole, Leslie Criddle, Bert Tucker, Winston Chapple, Fred Pincombe, Arthur Gibbs, Bob Headon, Bert Bourne, Leslie Bourne.
WI0064 National School Early 1930's. Includes: Bert Tucker, Fred Gibbs, Stanley Ford, Charlie Middleton, ? Hill, Chrissy Kingdom, Doreen Beer, Sylvia Nott, Chrissy Strickland, Rita Selley, Parcy Bucknell, Stafford Hartnoll, Fred Hartnoll
WI0065 National School 1948. From left Back row; Shirley Phillips, Laura Cole, Dorothy Davey, Gladys Somerwell, Priscilla Somerwell, Jean Manley. Second Row; Dave Leach, Bobby Buchanan, Jennifer Churchill, Frances Bowden, Mary Payne, Miriam Reed, Bill Chapple, George Piper. Third Row; Gerald Manning, Peter Cole, Roger Vernon? Pearce, Ken Somerwell. Floor? , John Bryant, Alan Southcott, Mervyn Kerslake, Bob Cole, George Aplin.
WI0066 Church School. Back left to right: Dorothy Davey, Jean Manley, Josephine Manning, Mary Payne, Mr Johnson (Head 1947-50), ?, Frances Bowden, Miriam Reed, June Somerwell, Jennifer Reed, Thelma Cole, Julie Southcott. Second Row: Roger Vernon, Alan Southcott, Robin Woollacott, Brian Baker, Mervyn Kerslake, George Piper, Cyril Blackford. Sat down: Fred Davey, ?, Henry Taylor, ?, George Aplin, Gerald Manning.
WI0067 National School 1950. Back l to r:?, Margery Hosegood, Margery Tucker, Fred Woollacott.2nd row: Jennifer Sowden, Pearl Woollacott, Cora Southcott, Nancy Tucker, Margaret Mills, Joyce Chapple. Front row: Michael Leach, Denis Bawden, Derek Cole, Arnold Piper, ?, Gordon Taylor (?), Trevor Champion, Mervyn Leach. Sat Down: Ron Ayre, Cyril Cole, Colin Baker, Kem(?) Somerwell.
WI0068 , Margaret Baker, Kathleen Elston, Veronica Osborne, Ruby and Sally Tucker, Margaret Chapple, Joan Baker, Nancy Southcott, Marion Cole, Miriam Reed, Maureen Priest.
WI0069 National School 1950s. Back Row: Trevor Champion, Cyril Cole, Sylvia Mills, Margaret Mills, Middle Row: Heather Cole, Cora Southcott, Jane Cummings, Janet Kingdon, Nancy Tucker,?, Margaret Baker, Jean Osborne, Una Reed, Mary Hall, Front Row: Brian Kingdon, Roger Harris, Kenneth Somerwell, Michael Leach, ?, Colin Baker, Gerald Mills, Clive Heard, Gordon Tapp.
WI0070 Back Row: Josephine Manning, Thelma Cole, Mary Payne, Liz Sellars. Middle Row: Marjorie Hosegood, Jennifer Sowden, June Somerwell, Frances Bowden, Jennifer Reed, Marjorie Tucker, Julie Southcott, Sally Cummings. Front Row: Robin Woolacott, Denny Bowden, Arthur Baker, Edwin Cole, George Aplin, Roger Vernon, ? Blackford, Ronnie Piper. Cross-legged: Mervyn Leach, Fred Davey, Ron Ayre, Kenneth Somerwell, Derek Cole, Frank Sellars (1950-65), Amy Alford (1931-57).
WI0071 National School 1952. Back from left: Sellars (Head), ?, Fred Davey, Ronald Piper, Denis Bawden, Trevor Champion, Miss Alford (teacher), From left 2nd row: Janet Buckingham, Sally Cummings, Margaret Mills, Derek Cole, Robin Woollacott, Denis Buckingham, Fred Woollacott, Myra Buckingham, Margery Hosegood, Joy Tucker, Pearl Woollacott. From left 3rd row: Cora Southcott and Julie, Thelma Cole, Jennifer Reed, Margery Tucker, Joyce Chapple. From left front row: Colin Baker, Ron Ayre, Andrew Sellars, Jill Hayes, Jennifer Sowden, Ken Somerwell, Mervyn Leach.
WI0072 National School. Back l to r: Mr Sellars (Head), Brian Kingdon, Michael Leach, Derek Mills, ?, Roger Harris, Miss Amy Alford (teacher). 2nd row: Janet Kingdon, Gordon Tapp, Cyril Cole. 3rd row: ? , ? , Jane Cummings, ? , Nancy Tucker, Kaye Woollacott, Martin Champion, Joan Hayes. Front row: Stella Lewis, Margaret Baker, Lyn Tucker, Margaret Hall, Marion Cole, Heather Cole.
WI0073 National School 1960. Marilyn Bowden, Trudy Southcott, Kay Woollacott, Francis Beer, Stephanie Selley, Ronald Elston.
WI0074 Witheridge School sports
WI0075 British School about 1890. 2nd from right William Partridge.
WI0076 The original Independent (Chapel) School, later Drill Hall, and later still the Church Room.
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WI0077 Witheridge Square at a date between 1892 and 1898. The British (or Chapel) School had no playground, so the Square served the purpose until the new British School was built in 1898. The old British School became the Church Room.
WI0078 William Charles Carter was headmaster of the British School from 1896 to 1921.
WI0079 1910 British School as it was when Sarah Trawin taught there. Headmaster was Charles Carter.
WI0080 British School about 1910 as it was when Sarah Trawin taught there. Headmaster Charles Carter in picture. One of the photographs was sent by Sarahs brothers descendants in Canada.
WI0081 In this British School photograph, Sarah Trawin is on the right in white blouse and dark skirt. She was assistant to Mr Carter. In 1911, she left for Canada where her brother, Frank, had been farming for five years. Her sister Annie and 15 year-old brother Arthur went with her. Arthur is 5th from left in back row. The school made her a number of gifts including an autograph album with a list of subscribers and photographs to remind her of Witheridge. In 2004, the album is still with the Trawin family in Canada.
WI0082 British School 1989, later Primary School, and then surgery.
WI0083 Witheridge Primary School, playground and toilet block. Now a storage shed for the surgery.
WI0084 British school c1917 Back row: Bill Radford, ?, ? Meacham, Archie Grant,? Arscott, Eva Ayre, Henry Ayre. 2nd row: Hilda and Evelyn Dudley (twins), Marion Dudley, Albert Grant, ? Webber, Vera Maunder. Front row: Stanley Maunder, Mr Carter (teacher)
WI0085 1920s British school. Group includes Nora Partridge.
WI0086 Mr. L. Ollerenshaw, Headmaster, British School, 1921-1946.
WI0087 Mr Ollerenshaw. Back row: Fred Tucker, Ernie Stenner, Henry Lynn, Bill Cox, Reg Ayre, Stanley Hayes, Ian Mildon, Gilbert Bristow, Dorothy Winter, ? ? , Louie Chapple, Agnes Ayre, Gwen Maire, Orpah Mills, Ida Brayley, Phyllis Gard, Ida Beer, Elsie Webber, Eileen Cox, Beattie Chapple, Nancy Sowden, Vera Lynn, Clarice Burridge, Margaret Davies, Nancy Knight, Aubrey Besley, ? , Percy Holloway, Stanley Beer, George Knight, Norman Dudley, Leslie Tucker.
WI0088 1928 British school: Back from left: Tom Harris, Stanley Hayes, Henry Lynn, Reggie Ayre, Fred Tucker, Gilbert Bristow,. Mr Ollerenshaw (head). Standing: from left: George Knight, Fred Ayre, Margaret Davies, Eileen Cox, Vera Lynn, Agnes Ayre, Orpah Mills, Gwen Maire, Nancy Knight, Phyllis Gard, Ida Brayley, Aubrey Besley, Douglas Hayes. From Left sitting: Edwin Tucker, Ian Ayre, Clarice Burridge, Beattie Chapple, Elsie Winter, Dorothy Winter, Bert Winter, Hilda Cox, Percy Holloway, Jack Beer. Kneeling from left: Ida Beer, Evelyn Tucker, Gladys Cox, Molly Cockram, D Leat, Ada Kingdom, Gladys Bristow, Phyllis Chapple.
WI0089 British School Early 1930s: back row: Cora Parr, Sidney Dart, ? , Sidney Roberts, Wallace Ayre, Stanley Cockram ? ? ? Harris, Stanley Meecham. Middle row: Claude Rolle, Leslie Pike, Stella Selley, Christine Blackford, Margaret Roberts, Lillian Cox, Olive Braunton, Elsie Winter, Valerie Lamprey, Leslie Braunton, Gordon Ayre. Front row: Irene Kingdon, Dora Blackford, Evelyn Dart, Gwen Nott, Ellie Harris. Sitting with legs crossed: George Beer.
WI0090 British School 1933/4
WI0091 1936 British school. Dorothy Davies, Irene Woodman, Gwen Drake, Freda Holloway, Pearl Cole, Doris Dart, George Parkhouse.
WI0092 1946 British school. Back from left: Bert Thomas, Ron Ashelford, Violet Thomas, Doris Dart, Margaret Grant, Derrick Roberts, Tom Green. Middle form left: Ron Lewis, Jean Radford, Marienne Field, Eileen Bryant, Lucy Govier, Margaret Cole, Marion Nott, Doreen Arscott, Mr Ollerenshaw. From front left: Edna Radford, Evelyn Monteith, Mary Ash.
WI0093 1946 British school: Back from left: Joyce Radford, Vera Winter, ? ?, Sheila Andrews, Violet Dart, Edna Radford, Joan Brent. Middle from left: Roy Manley, Ivan Ashelford, Norman Lewis, Sheila Nott, Monica Maunder, ? ?, ? ?, Stanley Lewis. From left: Fred Leat, David Nott, Cyril Leat, Derrick Bryant, Rodney Grant.
WI0094 British school 1950: Ella Maunder, Betty Oatway, Mavis Andrews, Pat Webber, Alma Lewis, Phyllis Meacham, Ronald Grant, Jeanie Dart, Amy Rice, Molly Radford, Diana Pope, Colin Roberts, ? ,Tommy Kingdom, Wallace Boundy, Gerhard Klaus, Arthur Gillbard, Rolf Boundy, Ken Holloway.
WI0095 Myra Winter, Mrs P. Cole, Pearl Cole- Jim Seatherton, Brenda Winter, Gordon Brewer, Ronnie Winter, Mervyn Leach, Margaret England, John Morgan, Christine Cole, Anne Mauley, Christine Lewis, Cynthia Grant, Pat Westcott, Mary Nott, Bill Lewis, Reg England, Phyllis Meecham, Derek Holloway, David Cumes, Pat Winter, Barry Ripon, Stella Coles, Stanley Meecham (driver), Mr Deakin (Headmaster), John Pincombe.
WI0096 Outing 1950s includes: Outside: Gladys Leat, Cyril Leat, Winston Pincombe, Gladys Pincombe, Cynthia Grant, Pauline Snow, Linda Dart, Randall Fewings, Mary Nott, Ann Manley, Brenda Winter, Christine Cole, Stella Cole, Rhonwen Kingdom, Derek Holloway, Bill Lewis, Alan Kingdom, Gordon Brewer, Ross Cumes, Mary Holloway, Rosemary Yendell, Joyce Rice, Pat Winter. In the bus: Mary Brewer, Ivy Meecham, Oliver Yendell, Mrs Baker, Colin Baker, Mrs Pincombe, Derek Ford (driver), Mr Deakin (headmaster), John Rowcliffe, Dianne Dart, Eileen Grant, ? Ayre.
WI0097 Gazette, Tuesday, August 2nd, 1955. Off for a day at the seaside are these pupils of Witheridge School.
WI0098 The wedding day of Mr and Mrs Bill Thomas 1920s
WI0099 August 1914. The horses belonging to Thomases the Carriers
WI0100 August 1914. Lambert Thomas and Bill Thomas

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