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WI0601 Witheridge Scouts in the early 1930s. Derek Nott, Bill Williams, Rev Castlehow, Paul Williams.
WI0602 Rev J A S Castlehow: Accompanying note: This holiday only cost each boy 30 shillings saved up from small coins for running errands. The main cost was raised by a Scout concert held in the Angel Hotel ballroom, and by scouts selling vegetables produced from the Vicarage garden. Mr. Harry Perry was the gardener at the time who would dig the vegetables, the boys would clean and bunch ready to be sold around the village on the Scout handcart.
WI0603 Scout Camp at Mamhead in the 1930s. Left to right : Reg Nott, Roy Gunn, George Knight, ? Maynard.
WI0604 Hungary in 1933. Reg Newman, Bill Williams, Ivan Nott (Front row L to R).
WI0605 Mamhead Park 1935. D Whittock, Roy Gunn, Ivan Nott, Les Bourne, D Nott. Sir Henry Slessor with scouts from Witheridge and Chulmleigh troops.
WI0606 Scouts at Mamhead 1930s. Percy Holloway, Les Bourne, Bill Williams, Percy Brewer, George Knight.
WI0607 Witheridge Scouts. Rev J A S Castlehow, Bob Buchanan, Trevor Champion, Tony Pyke.
WI0608 Gordon Pyne at Scout Jamboree at Pynes Park.
WI0609 Scouts at Mamhead. Norman Chapple, Eric Manley, Gordon Pyne, Cedric Tudball.
WI0610 Rev J A S Castlehow, with, from left Joe Dalliday, Fred Widson, Charlie Burnett. (Joe and Charlie were evacuees).
WI0611 Scouts in France 1939. E and W Darch, Rev Castlehow, Bill Williams, Bill Dyer, Paul Williams.
WI0611a Crossing a stream on the ascent of the AlmanAlp. Left to Right: Hutchings, R Nott, Dryer, Williams
WI0611b Armenian Scout Hut (Jacques Chapman)
WI0611c Unidentified
WI0611d Scouts in France
WI0611e Unidentified
WI0611f Unidentified
WI0612 SINGLES: W Rice F Bryant and G.Reed F Kingdom, George Knight, J.Ford, C Gard S Ford, A Buckingham, R Cox, C Bowden. (1930s)
WI0613 Married Footballers. F Ford, W Perry, C Reed, W Pyne, A .Bryant, J.Ford, S Ware, F Kingdom, L Davie, B Stenner, L Baker. (1930s) Witheridge Association Football Club was founded just after the 1914/18 war, and played on various fields before coming to rest on the present day sports field. The photographs were taken in the early 1930s, and show the two teams turning out for the Married v Singles Match.
WI0614 1949/50. Top row left to right: Francis Brewer, Douglas Venner, Jack Payne, Leslie Bourne, Bill Burton, Joe Burrows, Bill Teague, Donald Southcott.. Front row left to right: Bert Tucker, Tommy Boax, Peter Tout.
WI0615 1951/52. Stood. Francis Brewer, Jack Pulman, Peter Tout, Henry Sanders, Douglas Venner, Jim Langabeer, Charlie Jones (Trainer). Kneeling: Gordon Pyne, Leslie Bourne, Eric Manley, Francis Venner.
WI0616 Football Club fundraising 1950s. Back row from left: Charlie Jones, Joan Arscott, Stella Andrews, Tom Tout, Roy Manley, Frank Macklin. Middle row from left: Joan Aplin, Mrs Greenslade, Freda Tout, Joan Brent, Norman Coles, Margaret Coles, Eileen Bryant, Bim Leach. Kneeling from left: Pearl Coles, Ann Godfrey, Thelma Selley. On ground from left: Jim Langabeer, Perce Somerwell, Les Pyne, Eric Manley, Peter Tout, Norman Payne, John Greenslade.
WI0617 1952/53. Back from left: Charlie Jones, Eric Manley, Frank Macklin, Norman Payne, Bill Hill, Bill Bolt. Middle from left: Gordon Pyne, Norman Chapple, Front from left: Henry Rowcliffe, ? Burd, Peter Tout, Norman Coles, Leslie Pyne.
WI0618 Devon and Exeter Premier Cup May 2000. Willand. Back from left: Julian Snow, Steve Rice, Paul Ogilvie, Richard Harris, Mike Taylor, Steve Lethbridge, Matthew Cann, Shaun Phillips, Scott Brimilcombe. Front from left: Adrian Smith, Mark Vellacott, Mike Tapp, Nick McGowan, Paul Vanstone, Anthony Vigus, Andre Pike.
WI0619 Yellow and Green. Mini Soccer Under 11s. Christopher Burrow, Charlie Stone, Alec Clarke, Tom Gunn, Jacob Ringer, Ian Bucknell, James Paxton, Richard Burrow, Darren Greenslade, Andrew Stone (trainer).
WI0620 Orange and Black. Under 12s. 2000. Dale Webb, Robert Sibley, Jack Tweedie, Bertie Tweedie, Jacob Prangnell, James Hosegood, Christopher Linzell, Ricky Chappell, Matthew Weeks, Ross Stanley, Jamie Spurway. Sponsors:Geoffrey Hosegood and Keith Prangnell. Andre Pike : Trainer.
WI0621 Okehampton Cup May 2000. Okehampton. President D Chatfield: Chairman T Cumes: Captain P Vanstone: Manager A Pike.
WI0622 East Devon Senior Cup May 2000. Topsham. Back from left: Adrian Smith, Mike Tapp, Nick McGowan, Matthew Cann, Steve Lethbridge, Scott Brimilcombe, Paul Ogilvie, Julian Snow, Steve Rice. Front from left: Richard Harris, Andre Pike, Mark Vellacott, Mike Taylor, Paul Vanstone, Shaun Phillips, Anthony Vigus.
WI0623 Taw Vale Beagles at Cannington. 2000. Geoffrey Cox (Master), Harry Higgs (Kennel man).
WI0624 Loading. Taw Vale Beagles in 2000.
WI0625 1960s Badminton. John Usmar, Winston and Phyllis Maunder, Joan Smyth, Queenie and Gordie Pyne, Angela Maunder, Stephanie Selley, Jill Follett, Pat Smyth.
WI0626 1928 The Bowling Green. Left to right: Mr J .Leach, Mr F Leach, Mr C Leach, Mr F Bryant, Mr G H Selley, Mr Cook. The first Witheridge Bowling Club was formed in 1914. A notice in the Tiverton Gazette of the 17th February 1914, reported that the Rev. J P Benson had presided over a meeting of the Bowling Club committee at which rules were presented for discussion. They decided to get estimates for a pavilion, and to open their new ground after Easter. The new ground lay at the back of the Manse behind the Congregational Chapel, and was leased. At a further meeting on 31st March, tenders for rolling and cutting the ground twice a week were considered, and the lowest, of £5.5s.0d. from Mr Fred Leach, was accepted. It was reported that the Vicar had given timber for a pavilion and that Mr H. Way had offered to erect it for out of pocket expenses. In April, 80 people attended a dance in the Assembly Rooms, raising £2 in aid of the new Bowling Club. In its history, the club included a number of County players; among them have been Mr Frank Lawrence, Mr Francis Venner, Mr Dick Cox and Mr W S Selley.
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WI0627 Left to right: Mr Richard Cox, Mr Dai Taylor, Mr Stephen Selley, Mr Frank Lawrence.
WI0628 Includes Charlie Leach, Jim Leach, George Selley.
WI0629 From right: G H Selley, E Hutchings, F Maunder, Charles Leach, Russell Leach.
WI0630 Bowls Club. Ernest Hutchings, Robert Parkhouse, ? , Bill Mann, Bill Geen, Bill Norrish, A L Knight, Jack Leach, Andrew McKenzie, Henry Taylor, Sir Douglas McNair, Frank Leach, William Lake, Frank Lawrence, Dick Cox, Jim Leach, Harold Parkhouse, George Palmer, Stephen Selley, Fred Bryant, Isaac Kerslake, Hugh Maunder, Bert Cox, Dai Taylor, Leslie Baker.
WI0630a Bowls Club. Ernest Hutchings, Robert Parkhouse, ? , Bill Mann, Bill Geen, Bill Norrish, A L Knight, Jack Leach, Andrew McKenzie, Henry Taylor, Sir Douglas McNair, Frank Leach, William Lake, Frank Lawrence, Dick Cox, Jim Leach, Harold Parkhouse, George Palmer, Stephen Selley, Fred Bryant, Isaac Kerslake, Hugh Maunder, Bert Cox, Dai Taylor, Leslie Baker.
WI0631 Taken at the opening of the Bowling Pavilion in 1948. From top, Left to right: Charlie Leach, Mr .Morrish, Bill Gold, Dai Taylor, Stephen Selley, Sgt .George Palmer, Mr .Geen, Winston Maunder, Bert Knight, Jim Leach, Dick Cox, Ernest Hutchings, Bert Cox, John Benson, Frank Lawrence, Sir Dennis Stuckley, Jack Leach, Leslie Baker, Isaac Kerslake, Donald Aplin, Fred Bryant. Accompanying cutting dated 28 May 1935. TIVERTON v WITHERIDGE At Witheridge on Saturday and won by 38 shots. Scores: TIVERTON A E Melhuish, L Chaffey, C Foss, C Hamlin 7/26 J Sharland, H Bennett, G Pengelly, W J Fewings 22/12 T Dymond, R Squire, J Rawle, G Purrington 23/26 C Wood, E Broomfield, S Axhorn, J Fewings 9/35 61/99 WITHERIDGE C Leach, J Ford, J Leach, F K .Leach 26/7 W Rice, A Bryant, T Leach, F Leach 12/22 H Whitfield, B Adams, F Lawrence, E Hutchings 26/23 F Maunder, G Selley, F Balsen, L Selley 35/9
WI0632 Witheridge Bowlers Back row: Frank Lawrence, Bill Buchanan, Bert Adams, Arthur Bryant, Jim Leach, Fred Ford. Middle row: William Lake, Frank Maunder, Jack Leach, Fred Leach, Gordon Keith, Frank Leach. Front row: Charlie Leach, ? , Les Baker. Accompanying cutting dated 2-2-1914. WITHERIDGE At a meeting of the Bowling Club, in the National School, the Vicar presided. The Hon secretary (Mr G H Pullen) made a statement of the formation of the Club, and read letters from well wishers, among whom were Dr M Cutcliffe (Dawlish), Messrs Ian Amory, M F H Cottrell (Hon. Secretary Tiverton B.C.), and W Howe (Hon. secretary South Molton B.C.). It was decided that bona fide working men of the parish should be allowed the use of the green during the evenings on the payment of 2d. The following officers were elected: President, the Rev J P .Benson; captain, Dr A Houghton; vice-captain, Mr A Andrews; Committee, Messrs W Carter, H J Mansfield, F Maunder, W Lee and G H Selley, with Mr G H Pullen as Hon. secretary and treasurer.
WI0633 Witheridge Cricket Club 1947, played at Thelbridge. Back row: Rob Palmer, Tony Cruwys, Bernard Johnson, Stan Selley, (Capt.), Bill Bond, Harry Pinfold, Ron Lewis. Middle row: Arthur Hill, Ian Milton, Reg Nott. Front row: Frank Clark, John Bryant, Stan Oram, PC Fred Godfrey.
WI0634 The Tennis Club was founded in June 1898. They played on 3 courts on rented ground behind the Manse. Players identified include Annie Trawin, Connie Selley, Phyllis Andrews, Vera Selley, Wilfred Comins, and Kitty Way.
WI0635 Grass tennis court. The house, now South Park, was the Chapel Manse. The ground is now part of Appletree Close.
WI0636 This group was taken soon after 1925, that same year that Rev J A S Castlehow came to the village as Vicar. The players from left to right are: Rev Castlehow, Mrs.C.Thorne, Mr.W.Maunder, Miss R.Baker, Mr.S.Thorne and Miss N.Thorne.
WI0637 June 2002. Opening of the Sports Club. From left: Andre Pyke, Chris Cole, Terry Ford, Peter Jones, Terry Cumes, Nora James, Andrew Ayre, Colin Pyke, Peter Blight, Steve Wreyford, Joey Brimacombe.
WI0638 June 2002. Opening of the Sports Club.
WI0639 Tennis Players, Misses Constance and Vera Selley outside Cypress House around 1925
WI0640 Mr and Mrs Rogers on their Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1928
WI0641 East Essebere Farmhouse
WI0642 Mrs Benson
WI0643 Mr Rogers (Vigilo)
WI0644 Mrs Irene Way, Betty Way and Corporal Swan (Swannie)
WI0645 Unidentified
WI0646 Unidentified Stoneman
WI0647 Unidentified
WI0648 Unidentified
WI0649 Unidentified
WI0650 Unidentified

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