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WI0551 Tea Party after re dedication of the bells. Those identified: Mr and Mrs R Tapp and Gordon, Roger Vernon, Alan and Christine Vernon, Rev J Castlehow, Jennifer Churchill, Josephine Manning, Mrs. J Leach, Mrs J Woollacott, Mrs S Way, Mrs C Manning. 1950s.
WI0552 W I Outing to Heathcoats Textile factory, Tiverton. Back, left to right: Mrs F Lawrence, M Cockram, M Cockram, Mrs Hill, Mrs T Ayre, Mr Vickery (Personnel Officer, Heathcoats), Mrs Hill, A Trawin, Mrs Parkhurst, A Bryant (bus driver), Mrs Middleton, Mrs Kerslake, M Hill, Mrs Cockram, Mrs Brent, Mrs Davis, Mrs Kingdom, Mrs Whitfield, Mrs .Beer, Miss Woolway, Mrs Leach, Mrs Vanstone, Mrs J.Winter, Mrs Way, Mrs Brent, Mrs Maire, Mrs Partridge, Miss Boyd, Mrs A Knight, Mrs Mann, ? , Miss Way, Mrs Holloway, Mrs J Leach.
WI0553 Approximately 1950. Barbara Pickard, Mr and Mrs Jack Leach, Mrs Vanstone, Mrs Nora Field, Marienne Field, Mrs Maire, Mrs Bert Partridge, Mrs Bill Gold, Mrs Beattie Greenslade, Mrs Hilda Culhene, Josie Baker, Mrs. B Champion, Phyllis Chapple, Mrs Bourne, Mrs Polly Ford, Mrs Henry Beal, Doreen Beer, Norman Chapple, Greta Cumes, Mrs Mary Selley, Mr and Mrs. W Thomas,, Mr and Mrs Sam Ward, Mrs Holloway, Mrs Beattie Ford, Bill Gibbs, Mr and Mrs Woodman, Mr and Mrs R Brent, Mrs Bawden, Stella Bourne, Mr and Mrs T Ayre.
WI0554 See WI0548
WI0555 Liberals in the Square. 1060s. Left to right: Mrs Maire, Donald Aplin, Charles Maire, (Jeremy Thorpe and Frank Leach behind), ? , Joe Grimond, ? , ? , ? .
WI0556 About 1960. New Years Eve Fancy Dress. Includes Stephen Selley, Jack Adams, Mrs Squire Cruwys, Mrs Cruwys, Pam Follett, Denzil Ayre, John Usmar, Robin Woollacott, Queenie Woollacott, Pearl Woollacott, Jack Luxton, John Williams, Sheila Follett, Bob Woollacott, Ron Winter, Dave Cumes, Betty Way, Joy Tucker, Sylvia Boundy, Gerald Manning, John Rowcliffe, Gerald Luxton, Bobby Buchanan.
WI0557 1950s Party in the Angel Room. Includes Pat Winter, Christine Cole, Christine Lewis, Derek Cole, Fred Woollacott, Cora Southcott, Derek Holloway, Anne Mabley, Brenda Winter, Marjorie Tucker, Janet Buckingham, Stella Cole, Roger England, Barry Rippon, John Winter, ? Rowcliffe, Una Reed, Sally and Ruby Tucker, Jean Osborne, Janet Kingdom, Gladys Leat, Margaret England, Nancy Tucker, Maria Cole, Veronica Osborne, Trudy Southcott, Ron Elston.
WI0558 1989. Monday Afternoon Club. From left: Mrs Jones, Beattie Champion, Hilda Concannon, Mr and Mrs Clark, Betty Bryant, Hazel Elton, Amy Leat, Mrs Stevens, Mrs Bradley, Mrs Luxton, Tom Cook, Mr Frost, Mrs Searle, Mrs .Bickley, Queenie Pyne, Mrs Whitfield, Mrs Hodgson, Jean Merritt, Olive Martin, Queenie Ball, Mrs Reid, Mrs Stevenson, Mrs .Kingdom, Betty Hender.
WI0559 10th anniversary of the Monday Afternoon Club. From left: Fred Bryant, Mrs Tom Kingdom, Betty Bryant, Mrs. Bob Parkhouse, Mrs Tout, Mr and Mrs Jim Leach, Mrs Stoddard Mr Bob Parkhouse, Mrs Charlie Crook. 1974.
WI0560 The Annual Club Walk. Founded in 1822, The Witheridge Union Society existed to provide payments for medical attention, medicines and funeral expenses in all the parishes in Witheridge Hundred. Members had to pay sixpence a week, but funds were also raised by the annual Club Walk which took the form of a procession on Oak Apple Day (May 29) round the village led by the band and the Club Banner. Girls wore a sprig of Oak Apple, but, if they did not, the boys pinched them. There were sideshows, roundabouts, swing boats and a switch-back railway in The Square. People used to come from miles around and hundreds sat down to lunch in a marquee in Bell Close.
WI0561 Baby Show 1929 (?). Second left Mrs Price and Sheila. Centre sitting Mrs Lawrence and Joan (Mrs H Blackford).
WI0562 1930 Opening of the Top Playing Field given by Miss Mansfield for Witheridge and Thelbridge.
WI0563 1978. Twinning with Cambremer. M .Grandval, Mlle Francine Messague, Bill Stoddard, Fred Woollacott.
WI0564 Presentation to Mr and Mrs Stoddard. From left: Bill Rowcliffe, Betty Alleyne, Mr and Mrs Stoddard, Francis Venner, Les Norgrove, John Usmar, Tony Parnell.
WI0565 Rev and Mrs Jones, Jack and Freda Knight. Presentation to Jack Knight 1977.
WI0566 1960s. Conservatives and Miss Witheridge. From left: Frances Bowden, Pam Follett, Colonel Edds, Marjorie Tucker.
WI0567 1960. Royal Observer Corps. Posing for photo for recruiting poster. From left: Frank Wheaton, Bob Woollacott, Fred Woollacott, John Usmar,, Ron Harvey, Ken Williams, Bill Stacey. On floor: John Alleyne.
WI0569 Launch of Old Witheridge. Peter Tout, Freda Tout. John Usmar in centre.
WI0570 St Johns Fair 1992. L to R : Freda Knight, Nora Beer, Joan Yeo.
WI0571 Launch of Book of Witheridge 2000.L to R : Frank Housam, Gordy Pyne.
WI0572 Launch of Witheridge 2000. Angela Pearce, Freda Tout, John Usmar, Mary Housam, Fred Woollacott, George Pearce, Frank Housam.
WI0573 1997 Nativity Play.
WI0574 The Hot Spots. The Narracott Hotel, Woolacombe. From left: John Bryant, John Walker, Keith Gowan, Terry Cottrell, Bob Jarvis.
WI0575 The Blue Birds in the Angel Room (1956). Cyril Blackford on button accordion, Stan Beer on double bass, Digger Ford on drums, Terry Cotterill on clarinet, Bernard Rewe on tenor sax, John Bryant on piano accordion. The Blue Birds were formed in the early 1950s and played at such places as Thelbridge Races, Black Dog, Withypool, Hawkridge, Creacombe, Minehead, Molland Carnival Dance.
WI0576 1956. The Blue Birds in The Angel Room. From left: Cyril Blackford (button accordion), Stan Beer (double bass), Digger Ford (drums), Terry Cottrell (clarinet), Bernard Rewe (tenor sax), John Bryant (piano accordion).
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WI0577 The Hot Spots. Keith Gowan, Terry Cottrell, John Bryant, Michael Connor, P Hutchens.
WI0578 The Hot Spots. From left: John Bryant, Terry Cottrell, Jeff Stevens, Bernard Rewe (standing in), Fred Davey, Dennis Knight.
WI0579 Margaret Parker as Carnival Queen.
WI0580 Carnival 1937. Left to right standing: Stella Bourne, Chris Stickland, Joan Nott (Queen), Mrs Price, Betty Manley, Marcella Andrews. Left to right sitting: Sylvia Leach, Phyllis Criddle, Christine Kingdon, Rene Woodman.
WI0581 Carnival 1938. In driving seat Bill Cox, beside him Bill Gold, behind is Fred Rippon and beside him, Ted King. Mrs Ayre in the wheelchair In Autumn 1938, the papers were full of the countrys lack of readiness should war come.
WI0582 Carnival 1947. Sheila Andrews, Sylvia Boundy, Stella Bourne, Doreen Manley (Queen), Mrs Price, Mary Gibbs, Sheila Leach.
WI0583 Carnival. Derek Ford, Miss Cannon Mrs Culhene.
WI0584 1948 Carnival. Miss Cannon, Betty Way, Marie Gloyn, Frances Bowden, Mrs Culhene.
WI0585 1949 Carnival Sir Walter Raleigh. Miss Cannon, Marie Gloyn, Mrs Culhene, Betty Way, Marjory Gloyn, Edna Heard.
WI0586 Early 1950s Carnival float. From left: Dorothy Davey, Jean Manley, Thelma Cole, Fred Davey.
WI0587 Zaturday Night at Jans, the prize winning float in the 1950 Witheridge Carnival. With the cups are Mrs Culhene, Miss Connor, Miss M Gloyn. Mrs Freda Knight, Miss B Way . The musicians are Mr I Nott, Mr J Bryant, Mr W Blackford.
WI0588 Collecting for Carnival in the late Seventies. From left: Peggy Miles, Queenie Pyne, Freda Knight, Margaret Rutland, Gordon Pyne, Mrs Carne.
WI0589 1977 Carnival. Rock Around the Clock. From left: Mark Woodall, Kath Reed (in behind), David Bryant, Kim Payne, Toby Day, John Williams, Tony Short, David Ford, Graham Isaacs, Nicky Reed, Linda Bryant, Alison Reed.
WI0590 Drama Group. A Lady Mislaid 1952. From left: Freda Selley, Toz Gibson, Tom Tout, Dorothy Weaver, Les Bourne, Betty Bourne, Betty Way.
WI0591 Drama Group Miranda. 1953. From left: Freda Selley, Betty Way, Charlotte Henrich, Tom Tout, Marion Tarbox, Toz Gibson, Betty Bourne, Les Bourne.
WI0592 Drama Group. Fresh Fields. 1955. From left: Josephine Manning, Betty Bourne, Tony Linden, Betty Way, Harold Fincham, Toz Gibson, Hilary Powell, Josephine Manning(?), Una Adams.
WI0593 Drama Group. Yes and No. 1957. Left to right standing: Mary Payne, Betty Way, John Usmar, Raymond Body. Left to right sitting: Freda Tout, John Williams, Una Adams.
WI0594 Drama Group. Widows are Dangerous. 1958. From left: Betty Way, Gerald Manning, Sally Cummings, Doreen Radford, Raymond Body.
WI0595 Drama Group. Happy Days. 1959. Back row from left: Diana Manning, Denzil Ayre, Fred Woollacott, Ken Holloway, Winston Stoneman, Mary Molseed, Frank Stoneman, Freda Knight. Front row from left: Gerald Manning, Sally Cummings, Raymond Body, Doreen Radford, Betty Way, John Williams.
WI0596 Drama Group. As Long As They are Happy. 1960. From left: John Williams, Liz Sellers, Sheila Follett, Raymond Body, Betty Way, Fred Woollacott, Pamela Follett, Joyce Chapple, Winston Stoneman, Fred Davey.
WI0597 Drama Group. Running Riot. 1961. Left to right: Raymond Body, Pamela Follett, Jane Cummings, Margaret Vipond, John Usmar, Toz Gibson, Liz Stoneman, Peter Smyth, Fred Woollacott.
WI0598 Drama Group. All For Mary. 1962. Left to right: Pamela Follett, Fred Woollacott, Pearl Woollacott, Raymond Body, Peter Smyth.
WI0599 Drama Group, Wild Goose Chase, 1963 at The Angel. Left to right: Fred Woollacott, Liz Stoneman, John Alleyne, Peter Smyth, John Williams, Pearl Woollacott, Diana Manning, John Usmar, Queenie Woollacott, Pam Follett.
WI0600 Drama Group 1965. First play in the Parish Hall, after eleven in The Angel, entitled The Noble Spaniard. Left to right: Geoffrey Cox, Pearl Woollacott, Francis Beer, Margaret Rutland, Peter Smyth, Liz Morton, John Alleyne, Dawn Stephens, Fred Woollacott.

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