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WI0501 Jubilee 1935. The bonfire near Providence.
WI0502 Jubilee 1935. Climbing the greasy pole. (Best motor grease).
WI0503 Silver Jubilee of George V : 1935. This row of cottages was burnt down in 1945, the same time as Tracey Green cottages. This family lived in one of the cottages. Mr.and Mrs.Sam Ward with Bill, Sheila and Eddie Darch.
WI0504 Jubilee 1935. Childrens sports.
WI0505 Jubilee 1935. Childrens sports.
WI0506 Jubilee 1935. Adults sports.
WI0507 Jubilee 1935. United Service in the Square.
WI0508 Jubilee 1935. Taken outside West Street cottages (since demolished).
WI0509 Jubilee 1935. The Discord Band. Cricket field. Manse in the background. Front row from left: Peggy Ford, Sheila Leach, Stella Bourne. Behind Peggy is Sylvia Leach.
WI0510 Jubilee 1935. Outside The Mitre.
WI0511 Jubilee Day 1935. Constance and Freda Selley.
WI0512 Jubilee Dat 1935. West Street (cottages since demolished). Left to right: includes Mrs. William Selley, Mr.and Mrs. Sam Ward, Mrs.G.H. Selley, Mrs.W.Thomas, Nurse Tudball. Newspaper report dated 14th May 1935. WITHERIDGE. Jubilee Day celebrations were carried out at Witheridge in a right royal manner. Everyone seemed bent on enjoying themselves and the day passed off without a hitch. Householders had decorated the houses splendidly and the streets presented a very gay appearance. A service was held in the Parish Church conducted by Rev.J.A.S.Castlehow. Mr.J.Knight was at the organ. The church was full. A united service was then held in the Square by Rev.J.A.S. Castlehow and Rev.J.A.Hoyles (Methodist Minister, Cullompton), when a large number was present. The procession then formed to march to the sports field headed by a band under Bandmaster J.Trevellyn. Childrens sports were carried on in Mr.G.Selleys field until teatime, when the children paraded to the garage (kindly lent by Messrs.Greenslade) where each received a Jubilee cup and saucer which the three oldest ladies of the town, Mrs.J.Crook, Mrs.T.Tidball and Miss Crook, kindly consented to present. Tea for all followed, after which adult sports took place. Much amusement was caused, the pillow fights in particular causing screams of laughter, as also did the greasy pole, tug of war, wheelbarrow and tyre races and many other novel events. A huge bonfire was lit in a field on Chapner (by kind permission of Mr.F.Tucker). A firework display was given. Community singing closed with Auld Lang Syne round the fire, and the National Anthem. The proceedings ended with a dance. The town was specially lighted for the occasion with coloured electric lights, even the flagstaff on the church tower being illuminated. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and Jubilee will not be soon forgotten at Witheridge.
WI0513a West Street festooned with flags for Jubilee of King George V 1935. The Darch family outside the cottage where they lived.
WI0513b Children of the village queuing for Jubilee celebration tea held in Greenslades garage, 1935.
WI0513c Competitors in children's fancy dress, Witheridge flower show. L to R: Vera Roberts, Dick Roberts, Bill Darch, Eddie Darch, Sheila Darch.
WI0513d Jubilee sports day 1935. Levi Ollerenshaw, headmaster, centre without hat.
WI0513e Traffic sign in West Street. Scouts Eddie Darch and brother Bill, 1939.
WI0513f Sunday School outing. Mrs.W.Darch (left in chair). (other names please).
WI0514 1935 Jubilee. Mrs.Charlie Maire, Mrs.Dryer, Mrs.Way.
WI0515 Jubilee bonfire 1935.
WI0516 War Memorial.
WI0517 War Memorial.
WI0518 September 12th 1914. Witheridge. The Square in the old market town of Witheridge was the scene of a remarkable demonstration on Thursday evening. Drawn together by the announcement of a meeting on the subject of The War and our Countrys call, about 300 people assembled, chiefly men. Among those standing in the Square around a wagonette, which served as a platform for the speakers, were Sir Ian Heathcote Amory, Mr.W.C.L.Unwin J.P., Mr.W.Lake, Mr.Carter, Mr,W.T.Lovett (Halberton), etc. The vicar, the Rev.J.P.Benson, presided, and in introducing the speakers, referred to the crisis as the most serious which the nation had ever been called to pass through. Mr.L. Mackenzie J.P. spoke next, pointing out that the War was brought about by the overweening ambition of Germany, and that it would be impossible for Great Britain to have held aloof and allowed Belgium and France to be wiped out. The Mayor followed with an appeal to employers of labour, women, men fit for service, to respond to the call of duty. A resolution pledging the meeting to promote recruiting was carried by acclamation, and after the National Anthem had been sung and cheers given for King and the Army and Navy, a number of young men came forward and joined Kitcheners Army. The next day, Sergeant Beer, the Recruiting Officer, took away from Witheridge about 20 likely recruits, who were hospitably entertained at Tiverton in the afternoon, and left for the Higher Barracks, Exeter, on Saturday morning.
WI0519 Sergeant J.Gold 1914-18 war. 1914-1918 War Five soldiers from Witheridge won medals for gallantry. Sergeant E.S.Ayre Devonshire Regiment Private W.G.Manley Devonshire Regiment Sergeant W.J.Gold Devon Yeomanry Private B.Bourne Warwickshire Fusiliers Lance Corporal J.Matthews Devon Yeeomanry
WI0520 1914-18 War. Percival Blackford, Gloucestershire regiment. He was the father of Olive and Vera, of Malson Farm.
WI0521 1917. Wounded soldiers at Exeter Barracks. In the picture is Mr.W.Baker of Little Devons and Mrs.O.Vernon of Army Pay Corps.
WI0522 1918 France. Devon Yeomanry. On left at back:Stephen Selley.
WI0523 Witheridge Territorials at Plymouth 1939. From the left:F.Hartnell, S.Orman, S.Coles, S.Ford, P.Chapple, B.Bourne, J.Ford, Eric Bristow, S.Cockram, C.Bristow, F.Gibbs, A.Stenner, ? , ? , ? , ? ,Arthur Stenner, C.Colman, B.Tucker, S.Bennett, L.Bourne, T.Mudd.
WI0524 Twins Roy and Len Tidball were born at Witheridge on 29 May 1921. They both belonged to the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Both joined Bomber Command. Leonard died 8th Nov. 1942. Roy died 26th July 1943.
WI0524A Twins Roy and Len Tidball were born at Witheridge on 29 May 1921. They both belonged to the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Both joined Bomber Command. Leonard died 8th Nov. 1942. Roy died 26th July 1943.
WI0525 1939-45 War. Home Guard 1940 Non-Commissioned Officers. Frank Kingdom, Fred Gibbs, Sid Kingdom, Bill Mann, John Rowcliffe, Ralph Tarr, Donald Aplin, Roy Cole, Jack Adams, Percy Elston, Ned Ayre, Archie Beer.
WI0526 Witheridge Platoon Home Guard. (photo taken in 1943 outside Vicarage wall). Back row: (left to right) D.Vicary, Jack Ayre, Geoffrey Hill, Mr.Tapp (senior), Stan Selley, Jack Adams, John Rowcliffe, Roy Coles, ? , Harvey Boundy, Dennis Leat, Henry Beer, Donald Aplin. Middle row (left to right) Bill Mann, Cecil Tapp, Eddie Partridge, Bob Woollacott, ? , Ralph Tarr, Ted Gilbert, George Partridge, Alan Andrews, Sid Kingdon. Front row (left to right) Frank Kingdon, Fred Gibbs, Jim Ford, Dennis Hill, Courtney Thorne, Colonel Phillips, Ned Ayre, B.Gibbs, Percy Elston, Jack Stone, Archie Beer.
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WI0527 1940/41. Royal Army Medical Corps in the Square.
WI0528 9th Battalion, Manchester Regiment. Standing, left to right: Lt.Purnell, Lt.Guy Davis, Major Smith. Sitting, left to right: Lt.Weymont, Cpt.Hawarth, Lt.Pat Twining (the only one who returned to Witheridge after the war)
WI0529 1940 Manchester Regiment. The men of the 9th Battalion of the Manchester Regiment were billeted around the village in the Summer of 1940. Their cookhouse was at the back of the Angel, and they ate in the big room upstairs. The officers ate in the Hare and Hounds, and the NCOs were in the Mitre House. The presence of the troops, and the many evacuees, made the usual water supply problems so much worse that the army had to bring a water tanker to Witheridge daily; it soon became known as Gunga Din. The W.V.S. ran a canteen in the Church Room and provided games, Picture Post and other papers, and a wireless for which they paid £8. So difficult were things for the army after Dunkirk that, on one occasion, there was no money to pay the troops, and a local man put up £300 as a loan to pay the officers and their men their overdue wages. The Manchesters were followed by the RASC and the RAMC, who parked their ambulances in the Square camouflaged to hide them from the German bombers on their runs to Cardiff and Swansea. Later still, the Royal Artillery came to Witheridge. When the Manchesters came to Witheridge, they thought it was a pretty terrible place. They eventually got to like it. Geoffrey Weymont was billetted with Alan Vernons family. When Geoffrey lost his leg he took Holy Orders and his ambition was to be Vicar of Witheridge. He actually became Vicar of Romansleigh, and his first task there was to bury Alans father, his greatest friend.
WI0530 Outside Lloyds Bank. Captain Howarth and Lt.Purnell of the Manchester Regiment.
WI0531 Witheridge Fire Guard. The hut was built by W.H.S.Vernon and Bill Pyne. Fred Gard pumping. Fred Darch with the nozzle. Jim Leach holding the door.
WI0532 Auxiliary Fire Fighters.
WI0533 1940. With troops and evacuees in the village, the water supply as usual was bad. The Army had to bring in a water tanker daily, known as Gunga Din.
WI0534 1940s. Back, from left: Joyce Arrighi, Enid Grant, Iris Barnes Middle:Joan Brent. Joyce, Enid and Iris were evacuees.
WI0535 In the 1939/45 war, Witheridge had a locally manned Auxiliary Fire Service. Alan Vernon ran errands for them, including collecting grass to make smoke for training. He remembers the practice at Higher Park, which had been lent to them by James Woollacott, as it was derelict. Their use of smoke and explosives resulted in the building catching fire. All ran for buckets, and upstairs Fred Leach plied the hose. After a time, the fire subsided but there was no sign of Fred. What happened was that Fred had fallen through the floor into the debris below, but that, as he held onto the nozzle and they continued to pump, he was soaked and very cross.
WI0536 Evelyn and Bill Baker. Evelyn was in the WAAF.
WI0537 Church Parade. Girls Training Corps 1943. Back row: Margaret Squire, Sylvia Leach, ? Alford, Marjorie Morrish, ? Meacham, Lorna Pearce, Margaret Trick, Betty Kingdom, Middle row: Nora Searle, Hilda Rowcliffe, Gwyneth Guscott, Edie Billinghurst, Joan Rowcliffe, Betty Rolle, Olive Vicary, Front row: Orpah Mills, Mrs Mitchell, Christine Selley. (Training took place in the Angel Room).
WI0538 After the 1939/45 War. Left to right: Enid Grant, Mrs.Rolle Ernie Rolle. Enid was an evacuee with the Rolles at Merryside.
WI0539 National Service in the Devonshire 1951. On left: Gordie Pyne. On right: Fred Tanner.
WI0540 March 2000. Enid and Peter Yeoman Bed and Breakfast at Hope House. This was evacuee Enids first visit since 1945.
WI0541 Church Concert 1911. Left to right: Gladys Ford, Edith Bryant, Olive Baker.
WI0542 Date and occasion unknown With Beattie Greenslade, Margie Selley.
WI0543 1919. Concert at the Angel. From left to right: Ruby Buchanan, ? . ? , Dorrie Maunder, Constance Selley, ? , Olive Vernon.
WI0544 Hunt Ball in the Angel Room in 1930. The band was from Coleridge and were paid 10/- or 15/-, depending on the venues which included Morchard Bishop, Lapford, Winkleigh, Bow, Silverton, Budlake and Woolacombe. Petrol was nine pence a gallon. Left to right: Alan Beale, Joan and Maurice Densham (brother and sister) and their aunt Kathleen Densham. Joan and Maurice travelled to dances on their motorbike.
WI0545 1928. Fancy dress dance in the Angel Room. Included are: Mr.and Mrs. G.H.Selley, Mrs.Leila Bryant, Mr.W.S.Selley, Florrie Reed, Constance Selley,Aubrey Hosegood.
WI0546 1934. Bill and Ruby Buchanans wedding. Includes Annie and Les Baker, Stella Baker, Joe and Millie Churchill, William Baker.
WI0547 The Over Sixties Clubs first Christmas Party. Parish Hall 1960s. People identified in the photograph: Mary Cox, Greta Cumes, Mrs.Parkhouse, Mrs.Tarr, Mrs.Browning, Mrs.Stoddard, June Emmett, Margaret Rutland, Mrs.Chudley, Min Reed, Alice Tucker, Mrs.Manley, Rosie Leach, Jim Woollacott, Mary Crook, Charlie Crook, Mrs.Bickley, Mrs.Taylor, Mrs.Drury, Jim Leach, Louie Leach, Mrs.Rowcliffe, Cissie Bourne, Mr.Sellars, Mrs.Edds, Mrs.Manning, Mr.Bennett, Mary Selley, Mrs.North.
WI0548 1954. Womens Institute Xmas Party. Back from left: Mrs. Kerslake, Isaac Kerslake, ? , Dai Taylor, Mrs. Hayes, Mrs.Dollie Williams, Fred Bowden, Mrs.Ida Mann, Mr.Williams, Mrs.Queenie Woollacott, Mrs.Rita Hayes, Mrs.Hilda Sellars, Mrs.Phyllis Maunder. 2nd row from left:Mrs.Mary Brewer, Kathy Middleton, Mrs.Maire, Charlie Middleton, Charlie Maire, Bert Chapple, Bill Rowcliffe, Bill Kingdom, Mr.Bristow, Mrs.Beer, Frank Kingdom, Mrs.Kingdom, ? , Mrs.Ford, Mrs.Wills, Mrs.Agnes Berry, Mrs.Middleton, Mrs.Freda Knight, Walt Tidball, Mr.Burridge. 3rd row from left: Mrs.Partridge, Walt Sharland, Mrs.Sharland, Min Reed, Mrs.Burridge, Mrs.Bawden, Clara Woolway, Laura Whitfield, Annie Hutchings, Annie Kingdom, Miss Benson, Mrs.Parkhouse, Mrs.Bryant, Miss Trawin. On floor from left: Mrs.Nora Beer, Mrs.Jim Leach, John Bryant, Mrs.Greta Cumes, Mrs.Gladys Bristow.
WI0549 Early days of the Over 60s Club. Freda Knight, Mary Selley, Mrs.Partridge, Mrs.C.Maire, Mrs.A.Knight, Mrs.Drury, Mr.J.Woollacott, Mr.Knight, Mrs.Rowcliffe, Rev.Castlehow, Mr.and Mrs.C.Crook, Miss Tucker, Mrs.G.Bristow, Mrs.C.Bourne, Mrs.Winter, Mrs.Chudley, Mrs.M.Reed.
WI0550 Josie Baker marries Captain Eric Turner of the Manchester Regiment in Witheridge 1940.

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