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WI0001 Witheridge Church and Vicarage
WI0001a The Combined choirs of Witheridge United Methodist, Witheridge Congregational and Nomansland Congregational Churches at a service of song at Nomansland Congregational Church on Thursday Evening
WI0002 Witheridge Interdenominational 1933 Back from left; Gladys Cox [teacher], Dick Roberts, Gordon Ayre, Bill Darch, John Rowcliffe, Gwen Nott, Phyllis Roberts, Braunton, Monica Rowcliffe, Olive Vicary, Claude Rolle, Cyril Perkins, Harold Parkhouse, Eileen Williams [teacher]. Middle from left; Percy Rolle, Aubrey Greenslade, Grace Morgan, Barbara Pickard, Phyllis Rowcliffe, Nora Lang, Stella Selley, Florrie Sowden, Evelyn Dart, Clifford Bristow, Wallace Ayre, Bimbo Leach. Sitting from left; Bernard Whitlock, Percy Somerwell, Ron Vicary, Elsie Holloway, Vera Roberts, Joan Rowcliffe, Doris Blackford, Arthur Hill, Aubrey Pike, Eddie Darch, Reg Nott,
WI0003 St John the Baptist Fair
WI0004 Old print of the Church. The print shows how Witheridge Church looked, probably for centuries, before the ancient wooden spire became so decayed that it was decided to remove it and to add in its place a further 40 feet to the tower. This was done in 1841, and the Churchwarden accounts for this, and the following year, show some of the costs Paid Thomas Western the Mason towards the Tower £150 Paid John Brawn the Carpenter his bill £47-17-4 Paid Thomas Western his bill £51-5-6 Paid Mr. Barrett for fresh hanging the bells £25-5-0. At the left of the picture is the Poor House, where the destitute were given a home. The Church bore the cost for example, in the 1820s and 1830s, they paid one shilling a year Sweeping the Poor House Chimneys. From time to time re-thatching was necessary, and in 1821 it cost £3-11 to do this, with a further £3-9-0 for Reed and Spars. The Poor House was demolished in the late 1830s to make room for the road widening necessary for the new Turnpike Road from South Molton through Witheridge to Tiverton in 1840. In 1842, there is an account for 114 Nitches of Reed for the Churchyard wall, and a Thatcher's bill for £1-18-6. A length of this wall can still be seen on the right of the Churchyard behind the Newsagents property; it is likely that at one time it ran all along between the Churchyard and the Vicarage garden. The print shows the gates, gate pillars and railings. As the inscribed stone in the wall beside the gates today has the date 1833 on it, the print can be dated between 1833 and 1841 when the spire was removed and the tower raised.
WI0005 The Vicarage was built c.1875
WI0006 Witheridge Vicarage March 29th 1975
WI0007 The Square and the Church in 1890. (Dated exactly by the tombstones.)
WI0008 Church with oil lamps
WI0009 Interior of St John Baptist Parish Church, Witheridge, with electric light.
WI0010 The Church before the 1914-1918 war.
WI0011 Witheridge Church, 1920s
WI0012 Witheridge Bell Ringers In 1922 with Rev Melrose.
WI0013 Witheridge Church Fete cake competition. Left to right: Mrs Culhene, Edna Heard, Queenie Woollacott, Constance Selley, Marilyn Bowden, Rita Hayes.
WI0014 Church Fete 1948 Left to right: Edith Burgess, Beatrice Kingdom, Monica Benson, Myrtle Criddle, Jill Hayes, Nora Andrews, Gladys Kingdom, Joy Tucker.
WI0015 From left in front: Ivy Tapp, Gordon Tapp, Roger Vernon.
WI0016 Church Fete 1949, (left to right) Rev Castlehow, Freda Davey, Gladys Kingdom, Mrs Cromin, Joy Tucker, Jill Hayes.
WI0017 1950s Bell Ringers. Witheridge bell ringers were very successful at this time. Tommy Kingdom, Arthur Bryant, Jack Luxton, Ivan Spedutti, John Chapwell, Henry Rowcliffe, Ron Lewis, J. Twose. In Front: John Rowcliffe, Rev Castlehow, Walt Sharland, Gordon Tapp. The Shield with bell is Tawstock, and the big shield is the Devon Associations shield
WI0018 Bellringers 1950s. Left to right; Cummins Bowden, Frank Gibbs, Bill Pyne, Jack Luxton, Arthur Bryant, Fred Bryant, Cyril Partridge, Arthur Brent. Others include Bill Hill from Mariansleigh
WI0019 MID FIFTIES. Mrs Baker, Mrs Hill, Mary Brewer, Gordon Brewer, Mrs Andrews, Rene Snow, ? Dart, ? Dart, Bill Lewis, Mrs Lewis, Joyce Luxton, Betty Bryant, Mrs Appelford, Mrs Stapleton and Derek, Mrs Rowcliffe, Mrs Chappel and son, ? Ripon, Greta Cumes, Brenda Winter, John Morgan, Mrs P Cole, Mrs J Winter, Pearl Cole, Jim Seathercott.
WI0020 Church Sunday School Back L to R: George Aplin, Henry Taylor, Robin Woollacott, Fred Davey 2nd row: Fred Woolacott, Mary Payne, Pat Hill (teacher), Frances Bowden, Dennis Bawden3rd row: Jennifer Sowden, Trevor Champion, Margaret England, Mavis Andrews, Mervyn Leach, Trudy Southcott, Gordon Tapp, Julie Southcott, Front Row: Janet Kingdom, Margaret Baker, Mick Leach, Ann Manley.
WI0021 The Choir at Exeter Cathedral Rev Jones, Jeremy Yabsley, Margaret Isaac, Nora Beer, Jack Knight, Freda Knight, Ella Bowden, Louie Leach, Emily Williams, Marks Jones, Gordon Pyne, Hilary Jones, Liz Tout, Lilla Wall, Beryl Woollacott, Keith Woollacott, Olive Vernon, Heather Jones, Reg Tapp, Tim Wall, Rev Clark, Nicola Reed, Alice Wall, Brenda Cole, Fay Yabsley, David Chappel, Alan Webster, Phillip Cole, Jed Stafford, Stuart Nott, Hilary Brewer, Glyn Yabsley, Kaye Woolacott.
WI0022 Witheridge Ringers Rev Clarke, Rev Jones, A Bryant, J Leach, S Nott, R Phillips, G Webber, G Hodgson. Front Row: John Chapple, John Luxton, C Bowden, M Champion, H Rowcliffe, Connie Hodgson, J Leach memorial cup-St Davids Thelbridge 26th April 1969 Class B Competition winners 1st certificate. Team: Treble J. Chappel (Captain),2 M Champion, 3 H Rowcliffe, 4 G Webber, 5 J Luxton, Tenor C Bowden. Copy of photo in the ringing room St John the Baptist church in Witheridge.
WI0023 Mrs E. Williams
WI0024 1960s Rev & Mrs Andrew Jones together with Rev Bernard Gales.
WI0025 Queen of Witheridge church fete is 14-year-old Pat Kingdom, and she is receiving her crown from Mrs Mary Benson Bradfield Tracey. Her helpers are Julie Southcott and Pamela Winter
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WI0026 1950s Church Fete. In pushchair Angela Maunder from left: Phyllis Maunder, Irene Way, Phyllis Adams, Ruby Thorne, Mrs Rowcliffe
WI0027 1955 Death watch beetle in belfry timbers: Witheridge discovery by workmen dismantling bells
WI0028 Witheridge Parish Church of St John Baptist. One of the recast bells. Fred Blackford and Percy Bowden, Churchwardens, and Betty Way.
WI0029 Dewsons man had an endless pulley for lowering and raising the bells. A trolley was used at ground level to move the bells. The workman would ride down on the rope. Bill Rowcliffe and John Bryant did the carpentry. Leading ringers at the time were Tommy Kingdon and Arthur Bryant.
WI0030 Marilyn Bowden and a Bell worker from Dewsons of Loughborough.
WI0031 The Stone Pulpit found in St Johns the Baptist is a remarkable treasure, being one of only 70 in the whole country, and dating from 1450 - 1500
WI0032 Font
WI0033 Mr and Mrs Gordon Pyre carol singing
WI0034 The Congregational Church 1814
WI0035 Congregational Chapel in snow
WI0036 Congregational Chapel 2000
WI0037 Harvest festival about 1900 Congregational chapel
WI0038 1950 Methodist church outing Margaret Parker, Mrs Parker, Mrs P. Cole, Miss Boyd, Douglas Venner, Olive Yendell, Gordon Brewer, Rosemary Yendell, Gwen Kingdon, Mrs Parkhouse
WI0039 Outing early 1950s. Back from left; Eileen Bryant, Margaret Baker, Mrs Criddle, Mrs P. Cole, Betty Bryant, Derek Bryant, Gwen Yendell, Valerie Leach, Hilda Leach, Rene Kingdom. From left; Stella ?, Christine Cole, Mervyn Leach, Michael Leach, ? Kingdom, Brian Kingdom, Michael Kingdom.
WI0040 The first Bible Christian services in Witheridge were held in the house of Robert Turner in Tracey Green, but it was not until 1855 that a cob and thatch barn on the site of the present chapel was bought for £30 and converted into a neat little sanctuary with pulpit and pews. It soon became clear that more space was needed as numbers steadily increased. So two cottages close by were purchased and the present building was erected at a cost of £220. It was opened on June 23rd 1859. Leading lights at the time were Mrs Clapp, who lived at Belmont, and Mr and Mrs. Gill of Foxdon. Difficult times followed and by 1881, £50 was still owing. This was cleared in 1886. A stalwart of that age was Mr James Greenslade, who was Sunday School Superintendent for over 50 years. In 1903, the schoolroom was built at a cost of over £300. By the 1920s, the large choir was in demand for concerts in the area. 1931 saw electric light installed and in 1935, electric heaters replaced the stove.
WI0041 Methodist Chapel
WI0042 Methodist Chapel benefactors
WI0043 Mr Bill Greenslade (known as Billy Butter Dab) because of his connection with the Dairy Co. Mr Bill Thomas. This was taken outside the Methodist chapel before the alterations in 1936. The chapel was built and opened on 25th June 1859. Stones can still be seen engraved with the names of some of those who contributed to the cost.
WI0044 Methodist Chapel pre 1936
WI0045 In 1936 £309.10s was spent on alterations to the Methodist Chapel. The wall at the back was rebuilt, and the old railings, red brick wall and bushes by the doorway were replaced by a glass-covered porch giving access to the chapel and schoolroom. The reopening seen here was attended by, among others, the Chairman of the Exeter District.
WI0046 The newly-formed choir which took part in a service of song at Witheridge Methodist Church on Tuesday. (1955) Back Row from left :Evelyn Tarr, Mrs Parkhouse, Mrs Bailey (evacuee), Mrs Kerslake, Margaret Parker, Mrs P. Cole Front Row from left :Mrs Cumes, Mrs M. Parkhouse, Mrs Deacon (British Schoolmasters wife), Mrs Olive Yendell, Miss Mary Kingdom, Mrs Mary Brewer.
WI0047 Methodist Church late 1950s. Mr Fred Tidball, Mr and Mrs Bill Thomas, Mr A. L. Knight, Mrs Bert Cox, Mr Burridge, Mr and Mrs Bill Greenslade.
WI0048 Church School 1887: Henry P Cornish was Head from 1886 to 1893. He taught on his own. Attendance was 28 in 1886, 52 in 1887, 67 in 1888. In this photograph is Annie Nott (Bryant), 1877 to 1970 aged 93. Her father was a carpenter.
WI0049 National School. Augustus Andrews became Head in 1894. The arrows point to Annie Gunn and Gertie Hayes.
WI0050 National School 1908.

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