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Innkeepers identified so far

Hugh Foxford - Inn Keeper and Tailor 1850 Directory
William Gunn - Innkeeper and Provisions Dealer 1878 Directory
Ephraim Clark - Carpenter and Inn Keeper Directory 1893 to Closed end of the War approx 1919

The last Landlord was Mr Ephraim Clark and the pub was known as a rough cider pub, with a low ceiling inside nd as dark as a dungeon. Each round was a two-quart jug of coder per man. The inside consisted mainly of a big kitchen with several settles. The beer and cider were drawn out the back. Ephraim Clark allowed roadsters, as tramps were called, spend the night in the attic, but made sure that they handed over their cigarettes and matches before going up for fear of fire.

The pub finally closed around the end of the 1914/18 war following objections to the police to the renewal of the licence. The reasons put forward by the police being "that there were to many bolt holes for them to watch."

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