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Our memories fade with time, but photographs can, and often do, preserve a moment in time forever. However, all too many of these valuable photographs that document our history, and only a small number of people ever get to see them. In Witheridge, we are fortunate to have a fine collection of some 750 photographs donated by residents to start a historical archive for the enjoyment of others. The material in this archive have been provided by many residents, past and present, to help to identify and preserve the rich history of Witheridge. Up until now this material has been either left hidden in the personal collections of those who were there, or has been published to a limited audience. It has now been decided to make all of the material held in the archive available to all by means of this website. Contributors are invited to offer their photographs, memories and anecdotes for publication on these pages and inclusion in this exciting archive. It is hoped that a high level of interest and supporting contribution will allow this archive to grow.

Other material used on this site represents the work by Peter and Freda Tout, along with John Usmar, who, between them, can muster 175 enjoyable years here between them. They have spent the last twenty-five years putting together a fine collection of nearly 700 pictures depicting life in Witheridge since around 1880, along with a wealth of historical information relating to the Parish of Witheridge. They have been helped through the years by very many people - too many to list here. However, particularly thanks are due to Mike Sampson for his work on the earliest period, to Jenny Bidgood for her illustrations, to Mr and Mrs G Pyne and to the late Revd J A S Castlehow for his many years of research. We thank those who have shared their memories and photos with us, we are indebted to them, and we have appreciated their enthusiasm and pleasure in contributing. We are also grateful to the Mid Devon Gazette Series for permission to use excerpts from their newspapers dating from 1857, and to Tiverton Museum for their cooperation, both in advice, and in letting us take photographs of some of their exhibits. In addition, thanks to all those people, to numerous to mention for their support, if I have missed anyone out, please accept my apologies. All material made available to me has been placed into the appropriate historical time span, along with a brief historical note for that period in an attempt to give a better picture of life through the ages.

We would like to take this opportunity of thanking all those people who have, over the years, provided material and memories to the archive material used in the creation of this on line history of Witheridge. Many of those names and organisations are listed below.

Mrs R Alleyne
Mr W Baker
Mr and Mrs A Beer
Mrs Bourne
Mrs P Bourne
Miss Bowden
Mrs G Bristow
Mr A Bryant
Mr C Bryant
Mr F Bryant
Mrs R Buchanan
Mr A Buckingham
Mr and Mrs Burgess
Mrs Carnochan
Mr F Chapple
Mr and Mrs W Churchill
Mr F Davey
Mrs Densham
Mrs England
Mrs Gard
Mr and Mrs J Gard
Mr G Gard
Mr A Gard
Mr T Gibson

Mr A Gard
Mr T Gibson
Mrs L Gilbard
Mrs M Gillard
Mrs G Greenslade
Mrs E Heard
Mr and Mrs J Knight
Mr and Mrs F Lawrence
Mrs D Manning
Mr and Mrs J Martin
Mr K Nott
Mrs S Nott
Mr and Mrs E Partridge
Mrs D Payne
Mr W Pyne
Mr and Mrs R Reed
Mrs Rodd
Mrs M Selley
Mr P Smyth
Mr W Stoneman
Mr and Mrs R Tarr
Mrs W Thomas
Mr A Trawin
Mrs D Tucker

Mr A Trawin
Mrs D Tucker
Mr C Tudball
Mr and Mrs F Venner
Mrs O Vernon
Mr H Whitfield
Mrs E Williams
Miss E Winter
Mr and Mrs Woollacott
Mr R Woollacott
Witheridge Parish Council
Witheridge Fire Brigade
Lloyd Maunder Ltd
Nott Quarries
Tiverton Gazette
Chumleigh Resource Centre
Peter Risbey-"The Midnight Watch"
Bernie Howe - "Over There
Devon County Council
West Country Studies Library
Somerset Records Office
Guildhall Library
Tiverton Museum Library
South Molton Library
North Devon Records Office

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