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Much of the material used in the making of this site has been provided by residents, past and present, to help to preserve the rich history of Witheridge. Up until now this material has been either left hidden in the personal collections of those who were there, or has been published to a limited audience. The decision has now been taken to make all of the material held in the archive available to a wider audience by means of this website. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all those people who have, over the years, provided material and memories to the archive, and for granting their permission for this material to be used to compile a history of Witheridge. Many of those names and organisations can be found elsewhere on our acknowledgment page.

I am also indebted to Peter and Freda Tout, and also to John Usmar for giving me unrestricted access to their previously published works on Witheridge to assist me in the compilation of this history of our village, and with it their permission to reproduce freely any of that material. Illustrations originally created by Jenny Bidgood for the 'Book of Witheridge' are reproduced here with her kind permission.

No images reproduced on this site come from an unknown source, if I do not have permission, then in line with this sites declared policy, I will not use the said image.

Unless otherwise indicated on the page in question, the photographic images reproduced on this site belong to the Witheridge Archive.

Illustrations originally created by Peggy Miles are reproduced here with her kind permission.

I am also grateful to Devon County Council for granting permission to make use of any information on their websites available for use under the following terms:

Material obtained from Devon County Council sources is reproduced on this site under a "Conditions of Use" statement which we reproduce below. I would confirm that we comply fully with the terms and conditions stated.

Condition of Use:" Copyright protected material may be reproduced free of charge in any format or media without requiring specific permission. This is subject to the material being reproduced accurately and not being used in a derogatory manner or in a misleading context. Where material is being published, or issued to others, the source and copyright status must be acknowledged."

The Witheridge Parish Crest is reproduced on this site with the permission of Witheridge Parish Council. All the photographs contained in the Photographic Index are the property of the Witheridge Historical Archive, and have been donated to the Archive by the owners of the original material.

Other pictures are reproduced with the kind permission of Tiverton Museum, and we are grateful for their assistance in putting this site together, Ownership of all other pictures used will be acknowledged on the page in question.

Jevstar Corporation. Use for Education purposes is explicitly granted

Thanks are extended to the Gazette Group of Newspapers for their kind permission to make extensive use of material from their Archives in the production of this Site.

Thanks also to the Maunder Family for their kind permission to make extensive use of material from their Book, The History of Lloyd Maunder 1898 to 1998.

Crown copyright protected material (other than the Royal Arms and Departmental or Agency logos) may be reproduced free of charge in any format or medium, provided it is reproduced accurately and not used in a misleading context. Where any of the Crown copyright items on this site are being re-published or copied to others, the source of the material must be identified and the copyright status acknowledged.

The Tudor History Org - If you want to use any image on a non-commercial website (personal, for a class, a non-profit organization, etc.), again, feel free to do so. And again, it would be nice for you to credit my website. If you want to use one of my photographs, please give credit to me as the photographer.

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Thanks to Nigel Batty-Smith at http://www.uk-genealogy.org.uk for permission to use material relating to the Melhuish family: "You are welcome to use the information about the Melhuish family on your site". I would be happy to try and dig up some more information if you can tell me what you are looking for.

Exmoor National Park Authority hereby authorizes you to copy documents published by Exmoor National Park Authority on the World Wide Web for non-commercial use within your organization only. In consideration of this authorization, you agree that any copy of these documents you make shall retain all copyright and other proprietary notices contained herein.

Roger Hewitt of the Isle of White History Center for permission to make use of his material on Fulling Mills. "Feel free to use the article as requested".

Thanks to Peter Kessler at www.digital.kessler-web.co.uk for permission to use his Historical Map of the British Isles. By all means reproduce my map, I have attached it here for your use. All I ask for in return is an acknowledgement of copyright, and perhaps a link back to my main History Files home page if possible.

The images in the VRoma's Archive are freely available for all non-commercial use on the web. Users may link to the images on the VRoma's server or download them for use on their own server. It is not necessary to write for permission for non-commercial internet use, but we do ask that credit be given to the VRoma's Project.

Whilst the webmaster and authors of all transcripts and articles have made very effort to ensure accuracy, this cannot be guaranteed as most items have not been double checked. Researchers are advised to check the original documents. This advice applies to anything found on the internet.


Devon, W.G. Hoskins, 1954 Rev. 1992
The Making of the English Landscape, W.G. Hoskins, 1969
The Parish Chest, W E Tate, 1969
The Book of Witheridge, Tout, Tout and Usmar, 2003
The Old Poor Law 1795-1834, J D Marshall, 1968
The Poor Law in Nineteenth-century England, Anne Digby, 1982
Health in a North Devon Parish in the 19th Century (paper by John Usmar)


There are quite a number of directories available for Devon for the 19th century and containing descriptions of each village, a list including the incumbent of the church, parish officers, farmers and others. The number of tradesmen etc listed is variable. The later directories have more details and by the 19th century often include residents as well. Not all directories are in alphabetical order and it is important to remember that they are at least a year out of date.

Those consulted for Witheridge are either from copies I have on disc, from old copies of the original directory available to the archive, or those that are now available online.

1850 Directory (White's)
1866 Directory (Kelly's)
1878 Directory (White's
1883 Directory
1893 Directory (Kelly's)
1894 Directory (Tiverton and District)
1902 Directory (Kelly's)
1906 Directory
1914 Directory
1919 Directory (Kelly's)
1924 Directory
1930 Directory

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Unless otherwise indicated on the page in question, the photographic images reproduced on this site belong to the Witheridge Archives, and, as such may not be reproduced for commercial purposes without written permission. However, you are welcome to use any of the photographs belonging to the archive for personal and/or non-commercial use. Any material shown as not being owned by the archive may not be reproduced in any form without first receiving written permission from the owner of the material in question.