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During the early 1920's there were "Technical Classes" held on a variety of farming methods each winter. They were open for for all ages, and took place in the Angel Room. "In summertime, there were also practical classes in the open air" which were usually attended by around 20 or 30 farmers and farmer's sons. A stock judging class was also held just prior to the Devon County Show. The Young Farmers Club itself was first formed in 1933, and was originally designed to help educate young farmers, and not to provide entertainment, unlike today.

April 13th 1933: Under the heading Young Farmers Club for Witheridge was a report that an advisory committee had been set up, and 16 had said they would join the new club. Any young person between the ages of 10 and 21 was eligible. The first meeting was to be at the Church Room on May 8th, and stock would be distributed at Witheridge Market on May 15th.

"Witheridge Calf Club: A promising start", At the May 8th meeting leaders were appointed and 42 members enrolled.

May 25th 1933: "Witheridge YFC Distribution of Calves" This was carried out by the Hon Mrs Butler on May 15th. Each member will look after a calf for 12 months, when the animal will be judged and the best will receive prizes". There were now 12 clubs in Devon.

September 28th 1933: Witheridge Young Farmers Club: Witheridge is to be congratulated upon the membership of its YFC. Their keenness is unrivalled, as was shown on Saturday when they met at West Yeo Farm kindly placed at their disposal by Mr and Mrs Woollacott, the ages range from 10 to 21, the club is the largest in Devon.

December 28th 1933: "Witheridge and District YFC" Report on "Utility Poultry Judging" at Newhouse Farm.

January 1st 1934: "Witheridge and District YFC" Report of monthly meeting in the Church Room.

November 7th 1935: "Witheridge YFC" Inter Club Social at the Angel Rooms with music by Mr J Knight's radiogram and the local Rhythm Songsters Dance Band.

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