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In the Devon Record Office in Exeter there are a number of terriers for churches in Devon. These are statements of a church's possessions. Glebe ground is usually the main content, but some terriers contain descriptions of vicarages, church silver, vestments, books, etc. Witheridge has four terriers, dated 1601, 1679, 1683, and 1726. That of 1679 has been transcribed. The information that follows has been taken from a damaged original dated 1601. It appears to refer to land near to and below the churchyard, all that remained after the Prioress of Cannington had taken all that she could. The 20 acres of Fulford Close, half a mile east of the village must have been generously donated at some time after the Prioress of Cannington had taken much of the original endowment, to make up at least part of the church's losses.

Imprimis one meddowe lying on ye north side of ye house containing two acres.
Item one other cloase adjoiyning ye churchyard about 1 acre and half.
Item the next cloase called ye lane cloase ? 4 acres.
Item one other cloase named ye long cloase ? 2 acres and to the East one ?half an acre of meadow inclosed.
Item one other cloase knowne by ye name of ye ? cloase ? five acres and ye next cloase named ye wood cloase about some three acres.
All ye parcells of ground are bounded on the East and north by the lands of thomas melhuishe  and on the south by the ? churchyard ? ? ? with the Queene's highway leading from the church to southmolton. Item one cloase called Fulford de novo incremento reckoned well nigh twentie acres ? almost one acre of meadow bounded on the east side by the lands of Arthur Hatche ? on the South by the Queene's highway from witeridge towards tiverton, on the North side by a lake running ? the hedge ? called Hole Lake ? by a lake called Fulford lake

quinto Septembris anno dmi 1601 - Anno Elizabeth 43

John Gaydon - Vicar of Witeridge

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