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In the last half century a number of shops have gone. The Venners garage at Drayford is no more, and the James's garage in the village closed a few years ago, and with it the last source of petrol in the village. John Chapple's garage at the back of the Hare and Hounds has also gone. In compensation John Burd now has his own garage business down in the Market Field Units. Touts the butchers began in The Square in 1949, joined much later with Spar, and ended in 1992. Boundy's boot and shoe shop at the corner below the Post Office went in the 1960s. Perry's Dairy at Trafalgar Square under John and Millie Williams continued until the 1980s, and there are memories of Millie delivering milk around the village in an old pram. Bert Knight and his son Jack had a wireless shop in West Street, and it is said that assimilators were delivered to customers by the butcher's van. The history of the village bakery could be traced back 200 years until its closure in 2003. Raymond Reed and his son Paul were the last of a long line of Churchill's and Whitfields in that business. The shop in West Street was a grocers, antique shop, etc, but is no more. Across from the Church Rooms, Percy Bowden, the village tailor, had his business up to the 1960s, but he had no successor. The shop in Lower West Street varied over the years between hairdressing and fish and chips. The paper shop by the churchyard fortunately continues to thrive. The blacksmith held sway where Stoneman Television now is. The National School is now successfully used as part of the engineering division of Mole Valley Farmers, a farmers co-operative begun in the 1960s. Jack and Jill Coaches at Newbridge Hill were taken over in 1991 by A and D Coach Sales. Down Drayford Road, Romantica are a thriving wedding gown business trading in new premises, and, nearby, Leach Brothers have a new headquarters. Other recent additions include Burridge Litho Printers on the industrial estate, the opening of a new workshop and MOT Centre for A and Coach Sales, and off course Moore and Moore.

The Post Office and Stores, run in days past by Mrs Culhene and Miss Cannon now has new owners in Vic and Den Loose, and recently underwent a complete refit which has given it a new lease of life. Up in Fore Street, Frank Stoneman has a successful electrical firm, Stoneman Refrigeration. The Day Centre was converted from eight garages in 1992 and has proved popular with residents and visitors alike. There are a growing number of self-employed such as electrician, undertaker, whilst Clare Spicer runs a successful Ceramic Restoration business from her home at the old Hare and Hounds. Perhaps one is of special mention. Keiko Hasegawa, a Japanese potter brought Drayford Mill in the 1980s, together with the garage site opposite. She converted the Mill into a dwelling and a studio, and built a production workshop across the road. Commercial production lasted only a few years, but her personal reputation as a potter is worldwide. She has managed to survive the floods that from time to time bring hazard to the lives of the people of Drayford.

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