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A rate made for the Reparation of the Parish church of Withridge in Devon the eleventh day of May, Anno Domini 1682. (Exeter Dioc. Registry. Copied by Mr G.A.T Fursdon)

s. d. f.

The occupier of Dart.
Edward Bodley for the moyetie of Combe 11½
John Warren for the other do. 11½
Dorothy Elsworthy for West Yeo. 3. 0.
John Thomas for Rowdon 8
James Thomas for the mov. of Essebeare 2. 2.
Andrew Thomas for the other do. 2. 2.
James Partridge for the moy. of Stucley's tenement. 11½
Humphrey Butler for parte of do. 8
William Gover for Dreford Mill 6
Edward Philps for parte of Stucley's tenement 3½
Richard Greenslade for Grendon 1. 4.
Aurthur Colby? for Whedon 10
Humphrey Butler for Mayes 6
John Wheton for Bwdon 6
Edward Philps for Stockham 7
Thomas Hill for Lower Adworthy 7
William Pleyce for Trixies 6
Humphrey Butler for Hellenhayes 7
John Batten for three sermee 4
The occupier of higher Adworthy 3
Humphrey Butler for Cobleys 3
The occupier of Cockhaye 4
The occupier of Bradford and Leate 3. 10
William Walter for parte of Pilliven 1. 11.
Henry Cockram for do. 7½
The occupier of Downe land part of do. 4
Dorothy Elworthy for Pilliven Moore 1½
John Thomas for moy. of Willson 10
The occupier for the other moy. of do. 10
Robery Averie gen. for Henners 1. 7.
Thos. Upington for Northcombe 1. 2.
John Parkhouse Junr. for Dowme 1. 2.
The occupier of Lower Durt 1. 0.
John Mills for Northerhill 11.
do. For Shipwalls 3
The occupier of Horehill 2
Humphrey Tanner for Middlehill 11
John Parkhouse Senr. For East Newland 4
Robert Tanner for Higher Hill 11
Thomas Jyre? for West Newland 10.
Nicholas Crooke for Higher Durt 9
Humphrey Tanner for moyetie of Dart Cruse 4.
The occupier for the other moyetie of do. 4.
John Trustram gent. for Ford Downe and Rose Moore 11
William Partridge for Ford 8
Henry Quick for Upcott. Squire 7
John Mills for Middle Hill 5½
John Mills for Forth Downe 3½

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A rate made for the Reparation of the Parish Church of Witheridge in Devon, the eleventh day of May, Anno Domini 1682. Exeter Dioc. (Registry copied by Mr G.A.T. Fursdon).

£ s. d. f.

John Mills for Chipp walls 2
The occupier of East Horehill 1
John Cudde for Elsworthy 5
Mary Cockram for Malson 3
John Veysey for West Pilemoore 5
John Tristrum for East Pilemoore 5
Robert Avery gent. for Stretchdon 1 9
Mathew Tollye for Westcott 1 10
John Graunt for Philip Nott for parte of Mill Toune 1½
The occupier of the other part of do 1½
Laurence Davey Esq, for two parts of Heale 1 7
Francis Radford for Yeatheridge 1 10
James Partridge and Joane for Stirton and *lete 1 9
Robert Avery for Rensford 1 6
George Maunder for Upcott 1 5
Thomas Elsworthy for eight acres 1
John Heard for Moreparke 1½
Benjamin Bidgood for Woodington 1 0
Thomas Veale for part of do 3
John Hind*. for moy. of Minchin 7½
The occupier for the other parte of Minchin 7½
Mary Grant for Buttson 6
Andrew Thomas for moyetie of Westway 5½
William Thomas for moyetie of Westway 5½
Henry Quicke for moyetie of Eastway 5½
Thomas Partridge for other moy. of do. 5½
George Maunder for West Upcott 7
Peter Hole for part of Marchweeke 10
Thomas Elworthy for Shillidon 4
Agnes Partridge for part of Hele 3
Peter Hole for part of Marchweek 3
John Chollice for parte of Hill 1½
Thomas Pridham for Northmoore 1½
Elizabeth Tolley for Stockeparke 2
Christopher Partridge for Berrie Cleave 1½
The occupier of Rondon 4
Lewes Nott for Foxton 9½
Richard Elsworthy for Downey 4½
Edmund Gridmore for West Hostone 1 0
The occupier of East Hostone 10
The occupier of Hole 10
John Parkhouse senr. for Yeo 10
Thomas Walter for Bythen 10
Richard Cockram for Southcombe 9
Jonathan Holmes for Lashbrooke house and ground ½
The occupier of Venbridge 1½
John Simpson for Lateland 9
Thomas Burne for Durt Ground 4
Andrew Thomas for Fridayes Crosse 6
William Greenslade for moy. of Hodges 3
Richard Thomas for do 3
George Moore for Broome House 2
John Parkhouse sen. for Trucies Green and Durt Close 2
John Parkhouse sen. for Vixen Meadow 4
Richard Greenslade for ye Barton Ground 8
Richard Thomas for Witheridge Mill 8
John May for Ford 2
Richard Moore for Fords 2
William Stephens for his tenement in toune 3
John Muxerie for Woodparks 2
John May for Whitteridge Cannaton 2
Richard Parkhouse for Bonds 2
John Parkhouse sen. for ye dounces 1½
John Vicarie for his house and ground ½
John Touke for Southwoods 2
Charitie Greenslade for Penford 1
Thomas Molland for Shippinghay 1
Thomas Atkins for Grabpark 1
Richard Partridge for Ellis 1½
Henry Quicke for Netherlittleburne 1
John Warren and Edward Bodley for Guters 1½
Mary Thresher for Little Burne 1
Thomas Moore for Hoopers 1½
William Cockram for Ditches ½
John Parkhouse for Bendall and ye broune close 2½
Thomas Commins for Gunhole ½
Alexander Vicary for his house and ground ½

3 16 7

The names of those who have subscribed their hands to the Rate above written.

Robert Avery
Nicholas Crooke
Henry Cockram
James Partridge
Andrew Thomas
Richard Grinslade
John Warren
John Parkhouse
Edward Bodley
George Maunder
James Thomas

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