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Tiverton Gazette, March 18th 1873 - Railway Wanted; On Thursday last a public meeting was held at The Angel Hotel to consider what steps had better be taken to procure railway accommodation for this locality. It has been ascertained that most of the principal owners will give their land if a line is cut from Tiverton. After a brief discussion it was decided to have a second meeting next Fair day (April 17th). A committee was formed for Witheridge, Thelbridge, Worlington and Rackenford. The motto is to be "Union is Strength".

Tiverton Gazette, April 22nd 1873 - The Railway; On Thursday a meeting was held in the schoolroom to consider what steps should be taken to connect the town with the railway system of the country. The Rev Hosegood presided. Among those present were: Messrs T Cumings, J Partridge, G Smyth, J Troake, G Ayre, T Strong, Jas Partridge, J Selley, Cocks, Ayre Jnr, Lake Mildon, etc. The proceedings lasted but a very short time but they were of a hopeful character. Four plans are suggested. One is to make a line from Eggesford to Witheridge through the valley of the Dart; another is to get a line from here to Tiverton; a third from here to Lapford; and the fourth plan is to get it made towards Cheriton Fitzpaine and so on to Crediton. It is thought that the second plan would be the most suited to the convenience and requirements of the locality, the trade being done here chiefly with the London markets, and a line to Tiverton will give direct communication with the main line. As most of this land would have to be purchased it would make it an expensive undertaking, and therefore the proposal to make the rail to Eggesford is more popular, as Lord Portsmouth and Sir G Stucley have offered to give all the land necessary for the work. Mr Cummings suggested at the meeting that they should get the land surveyed, as the cost of this would be only £40, which they could raise among themselves. On the other hand it was urged that a committee should be appointed to walk over the land between this and Eggesford and report. Eventually this was agreed to and the following were appointed: Messrs J Selley, John Troake, G Smyth, Lake and Cocks. They are to report to another meeting two months hence.

Tiverton Gazette, June 8th 1880 - The Proposed Railway; A short time ago the promoters of the scheme waited upon the Directors of the South West Railway and urged them to take the matter into consideration. After a little discussion two of these gentlemen offered to survey the proposed route for £50. Letters were sent to the resident gentry and to those whose land would be affected by the line. Answers soon came in bearing congratulations and cheques. The notes from the Earl of Portsmouth and St Stafford Northcote were most encouraging. The sum is subscribed and the route will be surveyed during this present month, the surveyors starting from Witheridge.

April 27th 1895 - A preliminary meeting in connection with the proposed Witheridge Light Railway was held at the Angel Hotel on Thursday after the fair, and was well attended. Mr T L Lee of Crediton presided and the subject was introduced by Mr W Hannaford, auctioneer, who invited Mr R B Mildon of Ash Thomas, the originator of the scheme to give the company an account of it. This he did at some length, remarking that he was aware that in years gone by similar schemes had been proposed for the district, but with the aid of the Government measure now before Parliament there should be no serious obstacle in the way of the present project.

January 30th 1897 - The Witheridge Railway Scheme: In attendance was Mr Pain, the Civil Engineer who supervised the construction of the Culm Valley Railway. The meeting was informed that they must set aside altogether the idea of coquetting between two schemes and of playing off the South Western Railway against the Great Western, otherwise between the two stools they might come to the ground and have no railway at all. A narrow gauge was the only possibility, two and a half feet or three feet, and must come into Tiverton town to get Tiverton support.

Monday February 8th 1897 - A public meeting for Witheridge and surrounding Parishes in the National Schoolroom, at 7 o'clock in the evening, for the purpose of considering a light railway scheme from Tiverton to Witheridge. The Rev J P Benson presided. The Chairman said the object of the meeting was to discuss the advisability of a Light Railway connecting Witheridge with the same town. He thought what they had better do, was to decide three questions.

1st. Will a railway communication be beneficial to Witheridge and the district?
2nd. Are we to accept the offer that Tiverton has held out to us?
3rd. If we are prepared to accept Tiverton's offer, what is Witheridge prepared to do?

Mr F J P Maunder moved that a railway communication would be beneficial to Witheridge and the district; this was seconded by Mr Jas Brawn and carried unanimously. Mr Jas Partridge proposed that we accept the help that Tiverton offers, as in the end it will prove the cheapest route. Mr G H Pullen Senr. seconded this proposal, saying that the line would be the most direct, this was also carried without opposition. The Chairman said the next question was what would Witheridge do towards helping to pay for the preliminary survey. He should like to report to the public meeting to be held at Tiverton on Tuesday next that he had collected £20 from a public meeting at Witheridge Volunteers entered their names on a list for the above survey for about the sum of ten pounds.

November 4th 1905: A correspondent writes:

"If the Great Western Railway Company fight shy of starting motor car from Tiverton to Witheridge, why does not the South Western Railway run one between Lapford and Witheridge? The distance is only 8 miles and the road is level for a great part of the way".

(W.C) The railway from Lapford was planned to go on to East Anstey but was blocked by one landowner.

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