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WI1101 Taw Vale Beagles at Cannington. Geoffrey Cox (Master), Harry Higgs (Kennelman).
WI1102 Unidentified
WI1103 Unidentified
WI1104 Unidentified
WI1105 Unidentified
WI1106 Salvation Army Gospel Wagon
WI1107 Another view of the Drang
WI1108 View of the Drang
WI1109 Present day Well Cottage in the Square
WI1110 Present Day West Street
WI1111 Present Day West Street
WI1112 Unidentified
WI1113 Unidentified
WI1114 Unidentified
WI1115 Unidentified
WI1116 Unidentified
WI1117 Unidentified
WI1118 Unidentified
WI1119 Unidentified
WI1120 Unidentified
WI1071 Unidentified
WI1072 Unidentified
WI1073 Unidentified
WI1074 Unidentified
WI1075 Unidentified
WI1076 Unidentified
WI1077 Unidentified
WI1078 Unidentified
WI1079 Unidentified
WI1080 Unidentified
WI1081 Unidentified
WI1082 Unidentified
WI1083 Billie, Eddie and Sheila Darch at the Bottom of West Street
WI1084 On the Left Charlie Jones and on the Right Mrs Buchanan
WI1085 Josie Baker marries Captain Eric Turner of the Manchester Regiment in Witheridge 1940
WI1086 Mr John Roberts of Witheridge
WI1087 Judy Roake with her grandma, Ellen Edith in 1947. Ellen, 1886 to 1667 was a daughter of Philip & Mary Gard of Witheridge.
WI1088 Mrs Dart, Ansteys Court (Date Unknown)
WI1089 Devonshire Regiment Postcard
WI1090 Xmas Greetings Card dated 1916 from the 7th Division
WI1091 Anzac Cove - Mule Gulley
WI1092 Cemetery at Shrapnel Valley, Anzac Cove
WI1093 The Opening of the New Bridge at Drayford
WI1094 The Opening of the New Bridge at Drayford
WI1095 The Opening of the New Bridge at Drayford
WI1096 Outside the Bomb Factory
WI1097 Beach at Anzac Cove Ammunition Stores
WI1098 Troopship Olympic in Gallipoli during the 1914 - 1918 War. Francis Selley served in the 1st Devon Yeomanry and was shipped aboard the Olympic and brought home many pictures from the campaign. 
WI1099 A present day view of Drayford Green with the Bridge in the background
WI1100 Unidentified

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