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WI1001 Betham
WI1002 Bradford Barton
WI1003 Bradford Farm
WI1004 Bradford Mill
WI1005 Bradford Tracy
WI1006 Broadridge
WI1007 Cannington
WI1008 Coombe
WI1009 Dart Raffe
WI1010 Down
WI1011 Essebeare
WI1012 Godswell
WI1013 Hellinghayes
WI1014 Hole
WI1015 Lakelands
WI1016 Little Pilleven
WI1017 Lower Park
WI1018 Muxeries
WI1019 Newhouse Farm
WI1020 Rowden
WI1021 Stockham
WI1022 Stuckeys
WI1023 West Yeo
WI1024 West Yeo Moor
WI1025 South Grendon
WI1026 Foxdon
WI1027 Horestone
WI1028 Witheridge Moor
WI1029 Rundon
WI1030 North Coombe
WI1031 Heiffers
WI1032 Wilson
WI1033 Malson
WI1034 Colleton Hall
WI1035 Colleton Home Farm
WI1036 Ford Down
WI1037 Hilltown
WI1038 Leat
WI1039 Lower Queen Dart
WI1040 Pilleven - A 13th or 14th Century Farmhouse which was an Open Hall House until the 16th Century when a ceiling was inserted.
WI1041 South Combe
WI1042 Upcott Squire
WI1043 Newland Farm
WI1044 Springfield
WI1045 Stockham
WI1046 Higher Queen Dart taken in 1926
WI1047 East Essebeare Farmhouse around 1960
WI1048 Unidentified
WI1049 Unidentified

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