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WI0951 Unidentified
WI0952 Unidentified
WI0953 Unidentified
WI0954 The central figure is The Rev John Benson, Vicar of the Parish
WI0955 The Old Toll House which stood opposite the School, now part of Mole Valley
WI0956 Group of Contractors working on the road between Witheridge and Drayford
WI0957 Augustus Andrews was Headmaster at the National School between 1894 and 1930
WI0958 Unidentified
WI0959 Picture of Notts Quarry showing Ore Cart on Rail Track
WI0960 Augustus Andrews, Headmaster of the National School between 1894 and 1930
WI0961 Mr Johnston was the Headmaster for the period 1947 to 1950
WI0962 Mr Sellars, Headmaster in 1952 at the National School along with Miss Alford, a teacher
WI0963 Unidentified
WI0964 Unidentified
WI0965 Unidentified
WI0966 Unidentified
WI0967 Unidentified
WI0968 Unidentified
WI0969 Unidentified
WI0970 Dart Raffe on the morning after the Fire
WI0971 Rock Cottages, Drayford
WI0972 Drayford Flood view
WI0973 Unidentified
WI0974 Unidentified
WI0975 Unidentified
WI0976 Archibald Nott
WI0977 Quarry View
WI0978 One of the Tiverton Toll Houses included to give a view of how they looked when in use
WI0979 The last Horse Drawn Tiverton Fire Brigade which would have made the trip to Witheridge if needed.
WI0980 View across the Square from adjacent to the Police House
WI0981 A picture of a Young Frank Housam with one of his Charges.
WI0982 Unidentified
WI0983 Ann Selley 1824 - 1900 Mother of Emily Selley
WI0984 View From Trafalgar Square down Queen Street towards The Square
WI0985 Whitfields Bakery
WI0986 The Angel Hotel
WI0987 The Stained Glass Window from St John The Baptist Church
WI0988 Rev JAS Castlehow at the 1949 Church Fete

Church School 1887 - The Headmaster, who was Henry P Cornish, served on his own for the period 1886 to 1893

WI0990 Mr William Partridge
WI0991 The Ford alongside the old bridge at Drayford, essential as the old Bridge had a very limited capacity
WI0992 Late 1920 Morris Car pictured outside Bradford Barton
WI0993 View of Queen Street around the Turn of the Twentieth Century
WI0994 Fore Street View before the Road was widened in the 1960's
WI0995 The Church Rooms
WI0996 .The Church Rooms
WI0997 Mr Rogers "Vigilo"
WI0998 Trade Tents outside Angel Hotel during Horse Fair
WI0999 F G Gunn's Shop Frontage
WI1000 View down Church Street

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