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WI0901 The Tiverton & District Gospel Mission Van would have been a familiar sight.
WI0902 Slew Park was constructed C1890 and is now known as Gordon House
WI0903 The Witheridge Carrier
WI0904 Witheridge Church Fete: From left to Right; Keith Woollacott, Mrs Buchanan, Rev JAS Castlehow, Mrs Partridge, Mrs Chudley, Lady Stevens, Mrs Boundy, Mrs Jordan, Beryl Woollacott, Percy Bowden, Mrs Browning, Freda Tout, Gordon Brewer, Mrs Vernon and Mrs Bowden.
WI0905 Rev Castlehow and Lady Stevens
WI0906 North side of Square showing Houses after the Fire, and showing the Shop.
WI0907 Broad Street view showing Smithy on left hand side before The Angel
WI0908 Witheridge Fair
WI0909 Churchill Shop and Houses C1900
WI0910 Ariel view of the Angel
WI0911 Greenslades Shop in Fore Street
WI0912 Unidentified
WI0913 JAS Castlehow
WI0914 6th Battalion The Devonshire Regiment
WI0915 Bill Gold, Wheelwright outside The Black Dog
WI0916 Unidentified
WI0917 Unidentified
WI0918 Unidentified
WI0919 Unidentified
WI0920 Unidentified
WI0921 Unidentified
WI0922 Unidentified
WI0923 Greenslades Shop, Fore Street around 1960
WI0924 Greenslades Shop, Fore Street around 1960
WI0925 Fore Street View
WI0926 Unidentified
WI0927 Unidentified
WI0928 Unidentified
WI0929 Old North Street Fire Station
WI0930 View of The Pound House in the Square
WI0931 Devon General Office in Black Dog Cottage
WI0932 Unidentified
WI0933 Unidentified
WI0934 Drayford Map
WI0935 Wheelwright at Work
WI0936 Blacksmith at Work Shoeing Horse
WI0937 West Street View towards Venbridge
WI0938 View of Well in The Square
WI0939 View of Touts towards Church Street
WI0940 Pulpit in St Johns Witheridge
WI0941 Ploughing Match
WI0942 An example of a Bradford Clock
WI0943 Unidentified
WI0944 Unidentified
WI0945 Unidentified
WI0946 Unidentified
WI0947 Unidentified
WI0948 Unidentified
WI0949 Unidentified
WI0950 Churchills Shop in The Square

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