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WI0851 Chapel
WI0852 Dart Raffe Barn 1948
WI0853 Cyril and Ruth Manning circa 1955
WI0854 Barn and Duck Pond at Dart Raffe 1948
WI0855 Sewerage Map of Witheridge 1860
WI0856 View across Square towards Angel Hotel
WI0857 Dobles Garage in Fore Street
WI0858 Unidentified
WI0859 Drayford Bridge
WI0860 Devon General Buses outside Office in Square
WI0861 The Square from outside Police House
WI0862 Birds Eye view of Square
WI0863 Japanese Surrender with Les Bourne in Picture
WI0864 Unidentified
WI0865 View along Queen Street
WI0866 Hunt meets in the Square
WI0867 Arms Cache after Japanese surrender
WI0868 Japanese Surrender with Les Bourne in Picture
WI0869 Japanese Surrender with Les Bourne in Picture
WI0870 West Yeo Moor Farmhouse
WI0871 Hamlins Roller Mill
WI0872 Margaret Rutland
WI0873 Margaret Rutland
WI0874 Drayford Bridge towards Trixies
WI0875 Rock Cottage before the Culvert was made circa 1900
WI0876 Herbert Whitfield, Baker, outside his Premises circa 1910
WI0877 William Ernest Hutchings on left with Stan Selley on his Right
WI0878 William Gunn Circa 1905
WI0879 Unidentified
WI0880 William Gunn Circa 1900
WI0881 Margaret Davies, Frederick Davies, (Driver) and Charles Flucher circa 1940 Stourton
WI0882 Unidentified
WI0883 Back Row from left so far identified: Fred Davies
WI0884 North Street towards Trafalgar Square
WI0885 Left to Right: W Davies, Unidentified and finally Frederick W Davies
WI0886 William Ernest Hutchings circa 1925
WI0887 Unidentified
WI0888 Unidentified
WI0889 Ernest Hutchings circa 1940
WI0890 Unidentified
WI0891 Witheridge Bus: includes William Gunn and Nancy Hutchings
WI0892 Unidentified
WI0893 Unidentified
WI0894 Unidentified
WI0895 Black Dog Cottage
WI0896 The Old Bridge at Drayford
WI0897 Unidentified
WI0898 Unidentified
WI0899 Unidentified
WI0900 The Chapel at Nomansland nearing completion circa

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