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WI0801 Rock Cottage, Drayford
WI0802 Devon General Office
WI0803 Boons Field 1951
WI0804 Derelict Farmhouse
WI0805 Herbert Whitfield, Baker
WI0806 West Street View
WI0807 The Square prior to 1886 Fire
WI0808 West Street
WI0809 Drayford Toll House
WI0810 Comins Mansfield, the greatest British composer of direct-mate two-movers, was born on 14th June 1896 at Witheridge, Devon, son of Herbert John and Julia Emma Mansfield. He came to prominence during the Good Companions era (1913-24), and many of his early masterpieces were made while serving with the Royal Field Artillery in the trenches of France. Mansfield held the post of President of the B.C.P.S between 1949 and 1951. He served as President of the FIDE Problem Commission between 1963 and 1971, and was one of the first four composers to be awarded the title of Grandmaster of the FIDE for Chess Composition in 1972. He died on 28th March 1984. The three-volume work Complete Mansfield, by Barry Barnes, contains his complete output of almost 1200 problems.
WI0811 Unidentified
WI0812 Unidentified
WI0813 Unidentified
WI0814 Unidentified
WI0815 Unidentified
WI0816 The Bull
WI0817 Unidentified Woodworkers, probably in Drayford Area
WI0818 Re-built after 1886 fire, the row of properties on the North side of the Square
WI0819 Old School Buildings now part of Mole Valley Engineering
WI0820 Trays of Potatoes awaiting planting in Drayford
WI0821 Unidentified
WI0822 Unidentified
WI0823 Unidentified
WI0824 Unidentified
WI0825 Whitfield Bakery Trafalgar Square
WI0826 Unidentified
WI0827 Witheridge Carrier
WI0828 Rear of Ebrington Row from North Street
WI0829 The Round House, Fore Street
WI0830 View of Drayford Garage and Drayford Mill
WI0831 Highfield House in Trafalgar Square
WI0832 North Street view before Road made up
WI0833 North Street view before Road made up
WI0834 Notts Quarry Office in the Square
WI0835 Row of houses built after 1886 Fire in the Square showing new shop
WI0836 Queen Street Mud
WI0837 Unidentified
WI0838 Unidentified
WI0839 Unidentified
WI0840 Drayford Footbridge adjacent to Ford
WI0841 Dog on cycle outside Godswell
WI0842 Drayford Flood
WI0843 Drayford Flood
WI0844 Drayford Flood
WI0845 Drayford Flood
WI0846 View from Dart Raff Farmyard 1948
WI0847 Josephine Manning Centre at Dart Raff 1948
WI0848 Hay Wagon with Lades at Dart Raff 1948
WI0849 Dart Raff 1948 overlooking Muxeries Farm Fields
WI0850 Dart Raff Farmhouse in 1948

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