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WI0751 Arial View of Village
WI0752 Unidentified
WI0753 Unidentified
WI0754 Unidentified
WI0755 Unidentified
WI0756 Unidentified
WI0757 Unidentified
WI0758 Unidentified
WI0759 Unidentified
WI0760 Unidentified
WI0761 Unidentified
WI0762 Unidentified
WI0763 Unidentified
WI0764 Unidentified
WI0765 Unidentified
WI0766 Unidentified
WI0767 Unidentified
WI0768 Les Bourne
WI0769 Unidentified
WI0770 Unidentified
WI0771 Birds Eye View from Church Tower
WI0772 Billy Butterball
WI0773 St Johns Church Pre 1886 Fire
WI0774 The Old Pound House
WI0775 Horse and Cart in The Square
WI0776 Witheridge Bowls Club
WI0777 Unidentified
WI0778 Unidentified
WI0779 Unidentified
WI0780 Unidentified
WI0781 Unidentified
WI0782 Unidentified
WI0783 Unidentified
WI0784 Unidentified
WI0785 Unidentified
WI0786 Unidentified
WI0787 Unidentified
WI0788 Unidentified
WI0789 Unidentified
WI0790 Unidentified
WI0791 Unidentified
WI0792 Unidentified
WI0793 Unidentified
WI0794 Unidentified
WI0795 Unidentified
WI0796 Unidentified
WI0797 Unidentified
WI0798 Unidentified
WI0799 Unidentified
WI0800 Unidentified

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