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WI0701 View of Ansteys Court
WI0702 View of Doble's Garage in Fore Street around 1930
WI0703 St Johns Church
WI0704 Witheridge East View
WI0705 Potato Planting on the Stonemans Small Holding in Drayford
WI0706 Tractor load of Woolacott Children
WI0707 View of Cypress House, West Street
WI0708 Dart Raffe Fire which destroyed the Old Farmhouse
WI0709 The Stag Hounds Meet in the Square on September 9th 1931.
WI0710 Butchery at the Rear of Cannington House
WI0711 Godswell in Drayford
WI0712 Unidentified
WI0713 Unidentified Wedding Party in Drayford
WI0714 Smiths Foodstore in West Street
WI0715 Unidentified
WI0716 Unidentified in Drayford
WI0717 Unidentified in Drayford 
WI0718 Unidentified in Drayford 
WI0719 East Essebere Farmhouse
WI0720 The are and Hounds in Trafalgar Square
WI0721 Fore Street towards Trafalgar Square
WI0722 Unidentified Field
WI0723 Diane Manning astride her Horse
WI0724  J Buckingham Shop in Trafalgar Square
WI0725 Marriage of George Crook and Edith Maunder at Tiverton. From Left to Right: Frank Maunder, George Crook, Edith Maunder, Parson Unknown and George Bamson
WI0726 Reeds Bakery
WI0727 Road Laying in Coombe Lane
WI0728 Whitfield Bakery
WI0729 Unidentified
WI0730 Unidentified
WI0732 Drayford Village
WI0733 Granny Hill ?
WI0735 Drayford Floods 1909
WI0736 Drayford Bridge
WI0737 Floods at Drayford
WI0738 West Street Cottages
WI0739 Thornham Cross
WI0740 Westway Farm - Selleys
WI0741 F G Gunn Stores
WI0742 Drayford Flood 1909
WI0743 Unidentified
WI0744 Drayford Flood
WI0745 Drayford Flood
WI0746 Whitfields and South Street view
WI0747 Trafalgar Square before the Road was made up
WI0748 Unidentified Group of Builders
WI0749 Unidentified
WI0750 Shearing at Creacombe circa 1920

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