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Civil War Petition

There were a total of six petitions from maimed soldiers in Devon before the Michaelmas Devon Court of Quarter Sessions in 1660; each related to a different event in the Civil War. It seems that only two were successful; Richard Pinslake of Netherexe got 20 shillings, and William Withecombe of Stokenham got the same amount. Andrew Bradford of Witheridge drew a blank, as did Thomas Rushton of North Molton, John Coombe of Bradninch and Richard Garnsey of Newton Abbot.

To the Right Honble the Judges of Assize for the Western Cercuitt

The humble petition of Andrew Bradford of the pish of Witheridge in the county aforesaid, husbandman

That your petitioner about 15 years since was impressed for the Kings Majties service for the pish of Witheridge aforesaid by Richard Thomas then Constable of the said pish and served under the command of Coll. Asson and being in the ffight at Great Torrington in this county in the Kings Majties service, where and how near many men slayne, your poor pet. was there shot in his left knee, by means whereof hee goeth by two (crutches?) and is so lame he is not anyway able to get his livelihood by husbandry nor by any other means, by reason whereof your poor pet. his wife and children are like to perish for want of releefe if your good Lordships ffavour doe not releeve your poor pet. herein, your poor pet. doth therefore humbly desire your good Lordships ffavour to (commiserate?) his sad and woeful condition and to give him some yeerely releefe out of the (fount?) for the maimed soldiers, to save him from perishing for want of ffood, and your poor pet. as in dutie bound shall ever pray for your good Lordships longe life, health, and prosperitie.

Richard Moore overseere for the poore

Richard Shortrudge
Hugh Shortrudge
Thomas then Conble.
The mark of Andrew Thomas A
William Pledger
Andrew Thomas Junior
Church Warden
William Cockrame
Jo'n Warren
Jo'n Burne
Phillip Thomas
Richard Partridge
Robert Moore

(down the left margin are the words; Let ye petitioner attend ye justices of the peace at the next generall sessions to be held for this countie where, take regard of the petitioner, and do him that right of justice.)

The document uses the abbreviation "pet" for "petitioner"

DRO QS 128/138

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