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August 21st 2006

Work continues on improving the quality of the Photographic Index, and the size of all pictures has now been increased to 6 x 4, and this certainly improves the overall quality. The Forum is taking off, and it is nice to be able to post answers directly on line for all to see. Currently I am working on the 1837 Tithe Apportionment with a view to being able to place it on line in an Excel Format for interested researchers to view. This is going to be quite a lengthy process, but I will keep you informed as I go along.

John Usmar is currently researching the Outliers, and hopefully this will result in additional information becoming available on line some time in the New Year.

July 27th 2006

Things have been extremely busy lately, and I have not been able to find the time to update this page sooner. However I will make it a priority to update this page on a monthly basis.

The complete record of all our Doctors since 1837 has now been added in the Health Section, an we will be adding individual notes on each doctor as we receive any information. The same applies with regard to any other medical personnel such as District Nurses and Mid Wife's.

I have long felt that the display of Photographs in the Photo Index was poor, and have recently undertaken the task of completely redoing this section, and as well as improving the quality of the pictures, making them much larger to improve the amount of detail visible. As this is a rather lengthy process, I am updating page at a time, and hope to have the complete Index finished by the end of August 2006. The index has now grown to approaching 800 pictures with more coming in all the time.

January 10th 2006

Latest sections to be added are the Craft and the Genealogy sections.

November 10th 2005

The constant pressure to record material has led to this section being forgotten for to long, and for that I must apologise. So much has had to be done, and the more that has been done, the more questions have reared up and demanded further research. However, things are now settling down a bit, and over the next few weeks I will return and post a full report for our regular readers. January 1st 2005

Hi David, What a fantastic resource! It's at times like this that I feel my limited vocabulary couldn't do justice to the praise you deserve, but you really have done a most excellent job in putting together a really informative website in terms of content, layout, and mark-up; very nicely done. I don't think I've ever come across such an informative website before, but I wish that all informative websites did so in such an accessible way so as to ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy it. I'll definitely be re-visiting to read through the local memories and main photo index :-)

Thank you Gez Lemon from Juicy Studio

Pop-up information: This site makes use of pop-ups to display pictures. If you use a pop-up blocker you should turn it of temporarily in order to view these files.

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