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Memories recorded in 1977, and centred on Mrs Lock's sketches and writings

A further couplet concerning Creacombe and Creacombe bell: "One for a wedding, All for a funeral."

The Drayford poem about vinnied cheese (see Mr W Payne) was used for other places; Mrs Lock quoted it using the name "Challacombe" (a place near Chumleigh.)

Old Mrs Webber (widow of Mr R Webber, now living next to "Copplestone") used to say, even in recent years, "I don't go up to town much, I'd have to dress up."

At Thornham (Romansleigh) Mrs Lock recalls the tales of how Will Rattenbury's father and hers would say good morning to each other over the ridge between the ruts  ("routs").

In the First World War, Mrs Payne remembers all women used to go and collect the parings from the timber clearing for firing.

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