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31 March 1517

8 Henry VIII


Lease for 80 years and counterpart.

[1] Charles Holcombe, Phelipp Hayne and John Jule.

[2]) William Brounston

That [2] may fix a weir in Dawlssh water besides a greist mill of (2)), (then held by John Toly of (2), to the ground soil and freehold of [1] called Hele in Wethyrigge.

Rent: 6d

13 November 1719

6 George 1


(a) Lease for a year (Release missing.

(1) Robert Bidgood of Witheridge, yeo

(2) John Blagdon of Puddington, yeo and John Bragg of Washfordpine, yeo

Messuages called Woodeton; also a cottage and 'erected messuage' called Moore Parke and Beare-Mead; also 2 new erected messuages; and another new erected messuage and wind-mill and plot of ground belonging; all which are parts of said lands called Woodeton.

Attached to Above:

(b) Receipt, dated 1 December 1764, for the Settlement Deed of Elizabeth the mother of Robert Bidgood of Woodington, on Witheridge; received by John Blagdon, senior, by John Bere.


4 June 1777

17 George 111


Release (lease for a year missing)

(1) John Chichester of Hart in Heanton Punchardon (so and heir of William Chichester, clerk, deceased, and Mary his wife, deceased only child of John Ballyman, late of Hart, deceased).

(2) James Martin of the Middle Temple, Middlesex, esq.

(3) Thomas Hole of Barnstaple, gent.

Messuage and tenement called Hensford (in Witheridge and Washford Pyne), Eastway tenement (in Witheridge), and 2 tenements in Chivener ( in Heanton Punchardon).

Consideration : 10s

Recites that the premises are released to (2), so that a recovery may be suffered for docking entails.


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