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February 13th 1872: Witheridge: Earl Portsmouth's Hounds

"On Friday these hounds met at the hollow tree, Chawleigh, and soon turned out a fox at Chawleigh Barton. After an exiting three hours Reynard was brought to bay at West Worlington. The huntsmen then proceeded to Stockham Brake, where number two was driven to the open, away from Brown's Wood, on through Coombe, through Washford (Woodford), back to cover, off again to West Yeo, then to Bradford, and across to Thelbridge. Here the shades of evening overtook the sportsmen, and after a run of Two hours and forty five minutes Reynard gave the slip".

February 26th 1884: Witheridge, Exiting Chase: "Squire Tremlett's Harriers on Monday started a fox at New Buildings, Sandford, and ran it at a smart pace towards Witheridge. There it found its way to Stourton Coppice, from thence to Lakelands, then to the great excitement of the inhabitants Reynard paid a visit to Ebrington's Row, in the town, from thence to Lashbrooke's garden, where he hid under a gooseberry bush. Being closely followed by the hounds and a number of people, the fox returned to Ebrington's Row, where it was killed and his brush cut off as a trophy of the chase".

December 22nd 1885 Witheridge Harriers: Sir John Amory's Harriers met on Wednesday morning, and although the scent was extremely bad, a couple of hares were killed. The party afterwards sat down to a dinner at the Angel Hotel, served in Host Baker's usual excellent style.

May 8th 1886: Witheridge: "Mr Cheriton's otter hounds met on Thursday morning at Witheridge to hunt the Little Dart. There was a large party out. After trying up the stream for some distance, a downward move was made. No scent of any value was obtained until nearing Park Mill, where a strong trail was hit, and some distance further down the hounds marked a deep hide. From their activity it was evident that an otter had been found. This proved to be the case, and ere many minutes a 'Tally Ho' was sounded. The utmost excitement prevailed for about forty minutes, ending in the death of a large old dog otter weighing about 24lbs".

May 11th 1889 Witheridge: "Mr Cheriton's otter hounds met at the New Bridge on Saturday, and just after nine o'clock, the huntsman, Mr Budget, started the pack upstream as far as the junction, but without success. The hounds were then turned down stream, just below the starting point, under Little Newhouses. They struck the trail of an otter and everyone was eagerly expecting a find in Drayford Weirpool, but they were disappointed. As the pack passed the weir to a pool some distance below, where the trail was lost, the huntsman called back, and retried many a likely place but without result, although no doubt the otter was hiding in some secret spot close by. The pack once more took downstream but without finding an otter. Many complimentary remarks were passed at Witheridge on the healthy state of the pack."

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