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23 Jan. The licence of the "Hare and Hounds" was transferred from Charles Gunn to William Reed

27 Feb February Auction in the Square. Notwithstanding the snow fell nearly the whole of the morning, upwards of 150 bullocks were sent in.

12 March County Council seat. There were 880 electors. Mr F J P Maunder 385. Rev A F de Gex 256.

9 July As Mr Tidball ,carrier of Witheridge, was returning from Exeter recently, the cart being heavily laden with goods, one of the drag shoes broke, forcing the horses rapidly downhill, breaking the harness and slightly injuring the horses. Fortunately the damage was not so great as might have been expected, considering the heavy load and steep hill.

20 Aug Report on the 15th Annual Flower Show in Mr Selley's field

14 Oct The new commander of the Witheridge Volunteers ,Captain Kent, presided over the annual dinner at The Angel

5 Nov It is stated that 100 guineas will be required to provide a heating apparatus for the Parish Church. So far £57 16s 6d has been collected.

19 Nov Charles Northcote, in the employ of the Tiverton Roller Mill Company, was summoned for not taking proper precautions when leaving his motor wagon in Witheridge. The car in question was a light steam engine and could be moved by shifting a lever at any time. There were several children standing round at the time. The defence was "ignorance of the law". Fined 7s 6d and costs.

19 Nov (dialogue from Council meeting)

Mr Maire; "I do not think the Council should do anything to promote motor traffic by widening the roads".

Chairman; "I do not think you will prevent motor car traffic by not widening the roads"

Mr Maire "We have not had so many motor cars through Witheridge as in previous years. If we do something to discourage motor cars we shall not see so many of them over our roads".

31 Dec A dance was held at the National School on Boxing Night in aid of funds for a heating apparatus for the church. Dancing was kept up from 8 p.m. to nearly 3 a.m. to the strains of a string band, organised by Miss Hales, and consisting of Miss Churchill, Messrs Carter, F Bailey and J Leach (violins), Mr F Palfreyman (cornet) and Mr Churchill (cello).

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