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The oldest charity was the £1 a year given by 'John Gaydon, Vicar of this Parish'. Gaydon was vicar from 1587 to 1620. His pound was later added to those forming the 'Poor's money.

By his will of 19 February 1670, Humphrey Brooke gave for the poor of of the parish of Witheridge a yearly rent charge of 60s; 20s from Edgerley in Cruwys Morchard; and 40s from West Bradley in Tiverton. At an unknown date Richard Greenslade gave 5s from Gunhole.

In 1715 Hugh Shortrudge left £100, the income from which was distributed among five poor men and five poor widows of the parish of Witheridge.

An unnamed person left £5, the interest from which was to be laid out in two copies of 'The Whole Duty of Man' by the vicar and churchwardens. Various other sums were added to this, including £3 from Mrs Joan Spry, for the poor of the parish. The total sum was called 'the Poor's money' and consisted of 13 individual donations.

In 1799 Richard Melhuish gave £500 of stock to endow a school for 40 children residing in the parish. In 1801 he added £200 and in 1804 he assigned the school a house and garden.

In 1845 John Partridge left £100 to be invested for the poor of the parish, to which was added £10 from the family of John Comins.

In 1870 the Revd John Peter Benson, the vicar of Witheridge, gave £300 to be invested for the maintenance of the church, the walls, fences, gates and paths of the churchyard, although nothing was to go to the bells, organ or lighting. This charity was augmented by £43 from Revd J.P.M Benson. In 1919, the will of Elizabeth Benson added £80 to this same fund. In 1912 she had set up the church nursing charity with £20.

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