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October 15th 1864 - Witheridge. The Ploughing and Agricultural Association; The anniversary match and festival of this association took place here on Thursday last. The crack Devonshire ploughman Henry Griffith won the first prize for ploughing. The judges were Mr Cobley and Mr Potter of Thorverton, and Mr Roberts of Tiverton. The dinner was served in the National Schoolroom by Mr Reed of The Angel Inn. Lord Portsmouth presided and was supported by the Rev Mr Karslake of Meshaw, and Melhuish Comins Esq. of Witheridge. A large number of yeomen and others were present. The plough used by the victorious Griffin was one of Hornsby's of which Mr Thomas Hawkes, the enterprising implement maker of Tiverton is the agent. Mr Hawkes also had a general purpose plough here which was greatly admired and attracted much attention for the superior work it made. Mr Wright's plough was also much admired, and took the prize, it being left to the umpires to decide, who had not had time to test the respective merits of the two ploughs.

January 17th 1865 and May 16th 1865: lengthy County Court reports of the case of Frost v Selley (damage to flock by a diseased sheep)

September 18th 1866 - "Witheridge: The Ploughing Match is fixed for the 20th of October. Sir Stafford Northcote M P is expected to preside"

February 27th 1872: Witheridge: Think of the Poor: On Monday a good substantial tea was provided for about one hundred and fifty of the poor by Host Mead, Commercial Hotel. The Ploughing Match Committee supplied the requisite funds, and the whole affair was in every respect a success.

January 30th 1877 - Pay Day; A few days ago Mr J Leach, manure agent, invited his customers to the Thelbridge Inn, where a capital dinner awaited them. About 60 sat down and about £2000 was paid. After the cloth was removed the evening was devoted to speechifying and singing. At the close the health of Mr John Leach was proposed, when may complimentary things were said respecting his business qualities and fair dealings. In responding Mr Leach gave the company this advice:

You like a good crop of barley and wheat
You like good roots for cattle to eat
You like for your cash an article pure
Then let me supply you with Langdale's manure".

May 24th 1890: A rick belonging to a farmer here looked as though it was infested with rats. Holes were numerous in the thatch, and it appeared to be a regular rat's nest. The farmer thought he would put an end to their work of destruction and had the rick removed to the barn. Then he found it was not rats but mice, that were working such havoc with the corn, and he and his helpers and dogs killed over 1,000 of the little creatures.

February 12th 1898: Rooks are doing a lot of damage to turnips in this area rendering them liable to rot if we experience much hard frost a preventive of this evil would be a boon to farmers.

October 3rd 1903: Crops: Wheat not average, barley ditto; oats average crop; swedes not average, many turned to finger and toe; turnip, failure; potatoes above average; mangold very good; apples quite a failure; grass very plentiful; hay ditto; straw not up to average.

May 19th 1917: The first motor plough seen in Witheridge arrived a few days ago and proceeded to Newhouse for Mr E J Cole.

June 23rd 1917: Witheridge Auction: The largest entry of stock ever recorded for a June market, nearly 1,000 sheep and 150 bullocks, besides pigs and horses.

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