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October 20th 1859: On Friday the 21st ult., Mr John Coles, of Henceford Farm, met with an accident which has terminated fatally. It appears that Mr Coles was in the act of jumping from the rick, and not perceiving a fork that was standing by the side, he unfortunately pitched upon it, and the handle, entering his abdomen, inflicted very severe injuries. He was carried home, and medical aid was soon procured. nut mortification ensued, and death took place on the following Monday. The deceased was much and deservedly respected.

September 12th 1871: On Monday, whilst engaged in feeding a threshing machine, Mr Adams of Wheadon in this parish, by some means had his hand drawn in contact with the fly wheel, thereby terribly mangling it and bruising the arm. It cannot yet be ascertained whether his hand will have to be amputated or not.

September 12th 1871: Also on Tuesday of this week, Mr Blake of Marchweek lost his thumb through the bursting of his gun.

August 31st 1895: William Vickery, in the employ of Mr T Bennett, of Hole Farm, last Monday fell from a reaping machine, breaking one arm near the elbow. Dr Pollock set the broken limb, and Vickery is now progressing favourably.

May 30th 1903: "A serious accident befell James Dart of Holsworthy Farm, Witheridge, on Friday. It appears that Dart was engaged in ripping stone from Holsworthy Quarry. owned by Mr Charlton of Cullompton, when suddenly and without warning a large mass of stone weighing about four or five tons fell. Some of the metal caught Darts shoulder and felled him. He was pinned to the ground by the succeeding fall of stone. At the time, Dart's father and another man had gone away, and Dart was unable to move until his father came back ten minutes later. It was some time before the unfortunate man could be released from his position. On Saturday Dart was removed to the Tiverton Infirmary, where it was found that both his right thigh and left leg were broken".

October 14th 1905: as Philip Gard was cutting wood at Venney Farm, the hook he was using came down across his left hand, severing the thumb, He was removed to Exeter Hospital.

There is no record of any Holsworthy Farm or Quarry in the parish. However it is possible that this is a misprint for 'Elworthy', as a Mr Charlton owned and occupied Colleton Hall, which was next to Elworthy Farm, and 'Cullompton' may be a misprint for 'Colleton'.

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